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Hyundai Key Fob Replacement

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Replacing Hyundai key fobs requires more than having a duplicate key cut. Hyundai replacement keys must be appropriately coded to enter the vehicle securely. Otherwise, the key will not work. Getting a replacement key that does not open the car or start the car is frustrating and a waste of money. The expert locksmiths at Sevan Locks & Doors are Hyundai specialists who know how to code each Hyundai key to your specific vehicle.

Hyundai replacement keys for older vehicles

We are capable of making Hyundai replacement keys for older vehicles, which also have stringent security measures. These type of keys don't have a chip and don't need to be programmed to the car.

Hyundai smart keys

Newer Hyundai models use keyless proximity fobs that must be programmed to the vehicle in order to start it. This procedure requires knowledge and professional OEM equipment. Our locksmiths are trained to take care of the key cutting and smart key programming for you.

Hyundai key fobs for less than dealer

The highly experienced team at Sevan Locks & Doors makes Hyundai replacement keys and key fobs. Our Hyundai replacement key cost charged by a local locksmith is less than contacting the dealership. Often prestige dealerships charge a hefty fee for making new keys.

Just give us a call at (206) 274-7061 and enjoy the best when it comes to car replacement services. You can also contact us through email to get a free quote for your Hyundai key today.

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