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Preventing Lock Bumping

Aside from accessing your home or vehicle through unlocked or opened doors and windows, lock bumping is a common and particularly frightening tactic that you should pay attention to. You’ve heard of burglaries occurring with no sign of forced entry, right? Oftentimes this is either because of leaving doors and windows unlocked or the homeowner has been a victim of lock bumping. If that sounds ominous and unsettling that’s because it is. To protect yourself from it, you’ve first got to understand the technique.

Learning about this technique can help you take steps to secure your home and prevent potential break-ins. Stay informed about the latest security threats and techniques used by burglars, including lock bumping. Educate yourself on how lock bumping works and take proactive steps to protect your property against this type of attack. By being proactive and informed, you can reduce the risk of falling victim to lock bumping and improve the security of your home.

What is Lock Bumping?

Lock bumping is a lock-picking technique, often used by burglars, to open cylinder and deadbolt locks. This requires a specially crafted key and is especially terrifying because it can open many locks in no time at all – 10 to 20 seconds is all it can take, and it’s so easy that a child can do it. It’s widely accessible; there are YouTube tutorials out there on how to do it, and you can pick up a special bump lock online for practically nothing. Many traditional locks aren’t safe from being bumped, especially old-school cylinder-style locks. So, it’s best to know how to avoid it in general, if you can.

How to Prevent Lock Bumping - Install Bump-Proof Locks

This is one of the most straightforward and proactive things you can do to protect your home. Bump-proof locks are readily available, complete with anti-bumping pins built into the mechanism. Prices can range from $40 to over $100. Be careful simply going for the cheapest option – you don’t want to invest in a faulty lock that won’t protect you as well. Look for bump-proof locks that have been tested and certified by reputable organizations, such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA), to make sure they meet industry standards for security and performance. A professional locksmith can guide you to the right lock to get the job done.

Invest in Security Cameras

You might not always be able to prevent a robbery from happening, but you can at least catch the thief in the act. Clear footage of the intruder or any getaway vehicle they may have can help you as you work with local law enforcement to track them down. Plus, if your camera is visible enough, the mere presence of it may deter thieves from attempting to enter in the first place. Installing security cameras in visible locations around your property can serve as a powerful deterrent and provide valuable evidence in the event of a break-in.

Anti-Lock Bumping Devices

There are anti-lock bumping devices you can install on your door to help prevent unwanted entry. These aren’t always aesthetically pleasing, like this large cover for your deadbolt and handle, but that’s a small price to protect your valuables. The devices come in various forms like lock bumping guards, bump-resistant cylinders, or electronic lock systems. They work by adding additional layers of security to existing locks, making them more resistant to manipulation and tampering. Some anti-lock bumping devices have advanced technologies like fingerprint recognition or keypad entry.

Security Pin

Keyless entry systems offer a modern and convenient alternative to traditional key-based locks. These systems typically utilize electronic or digital technology, allowing users to gain access to a property without the need for a physical key. Instead, users can enter a personalized code, use a key fob, or even unlock doors remotely via smartphone apps or wireless devices.

We’re big advocates for keyless entry systems. By removing the factor of a key that can be easily compromised or even lost and found in the wrong hands, you minimize your risk. Keypad locks also allow you to change your PIN as needed. These are great if you’re having a house sitter or plan on being away for extended periods.

High-Security Locks

Consider replacing traditional pin-tumbler locks with high-security locks that are specifically designed to resist lock bumping. These locks often incorporate additional security features like side pins, mushroom pins, or specially designed keyways that make them more difficult to bump.

Bump-Resistant Locks

Look for locks labeled as "bump-resistant" or "anti-bump." These locks are engineered with features that make them more resistant to bumping techniques, such as special pin designs or mechanisms that prevent the pins from being easily manipulated.

Secondary Security Measures

In addition to upgrading your locks, consider implementing secondary security measures like deadbolts, chain locks, or electronic security systems to provide additional layers of protection for your property.

Keep Locks Well-Maintained

Regularly inspect and maintain your locks to ensure they are in good working condition. Lubricate the lock mechanism with graphite or silicone-based lubricants to prevent sticking and make it more difficult for bumping tools to be inserted. Maintaining your locks ensures their effectiveness and prolongs their lifespan so you’ll have long-term protection.

Limit Access To Keys

Be cautious about who has access to keys for your property. Consider implementing key control measures to prevent unauthorized duplication. Avoid leaving spare keys in easily accessible or predictable locations.

Additional Security Measures

However far you want to go to protect your home is your choice. Installing a full-on security system is a good option, but it comes with a heftier price tag. You might also consider investing in a safe to protect your most prized possessions, whether they carry intrinsic value or are sentimental, to keep yourself guarded from that worst-case scenario.

Deciding which route to take with your home security can be tough and overwhelming. Sevan Locks & Doors can help you navigate your options and help you find what solution will work best for you and your family.  Give us a call or shoot us an email today. Our expert team is ready to provide personalized advice so your home stays safe and secure. We understand the importance of feeling safe in your own home, and we're committed to helping you achieve that peace of mind. With our professional expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust Sevan Locks & Doors to provide reliable solutions for all your security needs

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