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The Advantages of Card Access Security Systems for Schools

Card access security systems have become very popular with commercial buildings. These systems offer great ways to improve safety both in the workplace as well as in schools. Students should feel safe in their learning environment, and enhancing security is a necessary step toward that future. It's vitally important to keep unwanted visitors out of our workplaces and schools. Added security measures, as a supplement to a card access system, help keep these people out of these areas. Keypads and video monitoring are part of any robust security system. Discover several reasons why your facility should use card access security systems.

Better Security

While keys get duplicated, cards that gain access must be originals. Using a card access security system will safeguard against the problem of having copied keys fall into the wrong hands. Moreover, for schools that have multiple access points, effectively managing all of those entry points (and keys) can be quite a nightmare. Large chains of keys that span multiple doors are no longer necessary with electronic security locks. Schools can put a "digital key-ring" system in its place.

Accessing various parts of the school will require only one method, regardless of whether that method involves codes, biometrics, or smart cards. It is also possible to customize access based on a person's designation using security access systems. For example, personnel who are not permitted to be in designated areas such as the teacher’s lounge or the maintenance closet will not be allowed access. By doing this, the school and its security staff will be able to simplify operations and make security monitoring easier.

Monitoring Visitor Movements On School Grounds

It is simple to keep an eye on and oversee visitors to the school as they can only get in with the assistance of someone who has been granted verified access. This will make it possible for the security personnel to react in a timely manner to any suspicious visitor behavior.

Easy to Use

Card access systems are easy to use as well as fast. Quickly enter a building without having to fumble for the correct key or memorizing a code. This way, people won't leave themselves vulnerable as they search for the right key. By entering the building faster, they will be able to avoid potential dangers outside the building and get away from anyone who may present a threat.


While the initial investment can be high, in the long run, it is a great solution to improve safety. There are many doors and access points in universities, so it's important that all of them be updated to make the most of a card access system. It won't do to have some areas updated while others aren't.

Additional Features

In addition to accessing certain areas, you can set up cards to have more features. These can include doubling as an identification card. Students will only need to keep track of one card instead of worrying about multiple cards. Rather than having two or three cards on lanyards, there’s only one. Their access card and student identification card can be one and the same. Not only can the access card serve as an identification card, but it can also give students access to vending machines, banking and access to the library. In case the card is lost or stolen, the computer system can lock out the card until the student gets a viable replacement.

Easy Cancellation

When a student is expelled or a faculty member is dismissed, cancel the card. If a card isn't turned in, then you don't need to worry about redoing the entire system. By canceling cards through a computer system, this ensures that these wayward individuals no longer access any areas of the campus.

Providing access to new students when they enroll in the school also gets easier. They can get access to the system by simply providing a card or password, or by providing their biometrics. There won't be any need for the school to duplicate the keys.

Different Kinds of Cards

There are several different types of cards to suit your needs. Each type has various features, pros, and cons.

Magnetic Strip Cards

These are the least secure because they are the easiest to duplicate. Magnetic strip cards are easily damaged as they are susceptible to friction as well as magnetic fields. These are not a good choice for security access cards, even though they are popular choices among school districts. Other cards offer better options for use in schools.

Proximity Cards

Proximity cards are great because they are hard to duplicate. While the initial installation cost can be high, the cards themselves are inexpensive. A great feature is that security personnel can program the cards for limited use during certain hours only. Restricted cards make your facilities secure, especially in a campus setting when areas have access during the day and not at night. This card system keeps people out of areas they shouldn't be in after hours.

Proximity Smart Cards

In the access control industry, smart cards are among the more recent innovations. Smart cards with or without touch, can be used for securing entry points at educational facilities. There is an incorporated microprocessor chip in a contact smart card making these cards the hardest to duplicate. They can also be more complex and contain more information and interact with additional applications. The problem is that these cards are expensive.

Key Fobs

In place of an actual card, a key fob is used. These have the same basic premise as proximity cards. The difference is that key fobs have a more extended range. They are very convenient in that you can just attach them to your keychain.

Easily Integrated With Other Systems For Optimum Security

The security of schools can be significantly enhanced by integrating card access security measures with other systems. They could be used, for example, alongside security cameras to efficiently monitor all entry points and react swiftly and effectively to any events. By doing this, the likelihood that someone will break into a school without anybody noticing until it is too late will be reduced. Threats can be stopped early on, and response times greatly reduced.

Easily Integrated With Other Systems For Optimum Security

Dynamic mapping is a feature of certain security locks that allows the breached access point to signal security. Security receives the precise location, enabling quick investigation and allowing them to immediately notify law enforcement if necessary. It is also possible to set electronic locks so that an automated lock-down of the school's facilities occurs in the event that no one is allowed to enter the facility. Additionally, the authorities in the area and school security staff, will receive an alert.

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Implementing a card access security system is a huge step forward for your facility, but the added security is well worth the investment. The best way to evaluate your school for a card access security system is to hire a professional. The professional installer gives you an idea of what you need to implement this kind of system and which one works best for your school. From there, the professional helps design the system and works through the necessary steps to get it up and running. Despite the daunting prospects of implementing a new security access system, the added safety is a great value to your faculty and students to keep everyone safe.

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