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Garage Door Spring Replacement

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What is Involved With Garage Door Spring Replacement?

A common repair for garage door issues in Seattle is garage door spring replacement. This coiled part aids in the opening and closing of the door. The pressure that your door is literally under calls for well-maintained springs. On the other hand, when broken or worn, the danger rises. While the fix is common, DIY is not the solution. Attempting this garage door spring repair can cost you more problems than you already have and further complicates matters.

Improperly installed or broken springs have been known to snap or release the garage door. The resulting property damage, injury, or even death prove a cost too high to pay... particularly when a trained professional like Sevan Locks & Door offers a quick and safe garage door repair and replacement in the Lake City, Northgate, and Seattle area.

What should you expect when contracting a garage door service?

  • Courteous service
  • An explanation as to which springs to use
  • A cost estimate
  • Quick repair of your broken spring

What Type of Springs do You Need?

As indicated, garage door springs come in two main categories: extension and torsion. Considering the features of each type helps to determine which best fits your preferences.

Let’s take a look at the basics:

garage door repair spring cost

Torsion Springs

  • Newer style
  • Attached above the garage opening
  • One single part
  • Twist and coil using torque to raise the door
  • More length and wire size options to fit your use
  • Cause less wear to and power from the door operator
  • Smooth, controlled door movement
  • Easy to maintain
  • A broken torsion spring remains in the shaft to decrease the risk of damage or injury
  • More durable
  • Higher return on investment
  • Growing in popularity

Extension Springs

  • Most common in residential garages
  • Attached on both sides of the door
  • Involve many exposed parts
  • Extend or stretch upon opening the door
  • Potentially result in a jerky door movement
  • Possibly lead to door alignment and part wear issues
  • Pair with safety cables to decrease the risk of damage or injury
  • Half the lifespan of torsion springs
  • Cause damage when spring breaks
  • Less expensive

CAUTION: improper garage door spring replacement leads to more harm than good, and can even result in death. A quality, local garage door specialist ensures proper installation and safety measures are heeded, keeping you and your family safe.

How Do You Choose the Best Springs for Seattle Garage Door Repair and Replacement?

To sum up the comparison, while extension springs prove more common and less expensive, torsion springs decrease safety risks and offer a better return on investment. However, the ultimate choice is yours. Choosing the spring that is right for you takes into consideration:

  • Garage door weight and height
  • Track radius
  • Preference
  • Budget

A reputable, local expert walks you through the decision-making process and will safely repair or replace your garage door springs in Seattle. No-fuss, no emergency room visits. And, in quick order, your door is returned to full function, convenience, and safety... leaving you to rest well.

If you found us by searching for garage door repair near you, we are glad you got here! When you are ready to have our team come out to handle your garage door spring repair, give us a call to discuss the cost estimate and any other questions you may have.

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