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Reasons to Change Your Safe Combination in Seattle

The time might arrive when you wish to change the combination of your safe. This could happen for many reasons, including the combination being discovered, an employee having recently been let go or quit, the combination having been forgotten, or the combination simply not holding the same value to you any longer. Before we progress any further, it is important to note that while an electrical lock’s combination can be easily changed by you, mechanical locks are best left to certified professionals. 

For expert assistance when changing your safe combination in Seattle and many of its surrounding cities, contact the professional locksmiths at Sevan Systems today. All of our technicians are licensed and bonded for peace of mind and guaranteed satisfaction, so give us a call now!

Safes Protect Valuable Things

Oftentimes, the items we most value and cherish are the ones we want to keep protected and safe. That’s why so many people turn to safes. Safes seem, at first glance, impregnable. Safes are designed to keep the contents inside secure in almost any emergency, whether that’s a burglary or a natural disaster such as a fire or a flood. This is why, in regard to safes, having some protection is always better than having none at all.

Benefits of Having a Safe

There are many benefits to owning a safe. To start, it operates on a combination system where you use a code to gain access. This means you don’t have to worry about carrying around or losing a key or having the key stolen from you. The only key to the safe is in your mind. As long as you don’t write down the combination somewhere and leave it where someone sees it, you shouldn’t have to worry about someone getting into the safe under normal circumstances.

Security Breaches and Safes

Unfortunately, however, this isn’t always the case. Burglars do get into safes. For this and a number of other reasons, you must know when you should change your safe combination so that you can keep your valuables secure. Among the most basic and popular safe break-in techniques used by burglars involves the try-out combination. Try-out combinations, which are the first combinations that manufacturers set, are what many criminals use to easily enter domestic safes. 

Many do not update these combinations even though it is required of all safe owners to do so once they purchase and bring their safes home. The fact that a try-out combination is merely one of a few stock combinations often utilized by several safe makers nowadays, rather than being exclusive to a particular safe, is something that these homeowners are unaware of even though many criminals are. So, to better protect your valuables, be sure to change your combination upon purchasing one.

After a Burglary

The biggest reason to change your safe’s combination is if you have experienced a security breach, such as a break-in or home burglary. Though it may seem like your safe is intact and nothing was stolen, burglars can still figure out your combination. Burglars can either guess the combination or use a special machine that runs through different combinations until it hits the one that works. 

Therefore, if you had a recent security breach in your home, you should take the extra step of changing the combination on your safe. This helps protect you and your valuables from any future break-ins and in case the previous thief decides to return for a second go.

Information Revealed

Another reason to change the safe’s combination is if you left information about your combination in an unsecured location. For example, you may have emailed the combination to yourself, or you left a note with the combination lying around somewhere and just forgot about it. It may seem excessive, but it is so easy for someone looking for just that kind of carelessness to take advantage of you and go after your safe. 

If you truly care about the items you are storing there, taking every precaution necessary to protect your items from burglars makes sense. Unfortunately, you can't trust everyone and don't want to wait until a theft occurs to determine their level of trustworthiness. For your ultimate security, if your combination has been discovered, it is in your best interest to change it as soon as possible. Taking risks with your security is never advisable, and changing the combination will help boost your safety and peace of mind.

Forgotten Or Lost Combination

A final reason to change the combination occurs when you simply forget the combination, which actually happens more often than you may think. Many people forget what they originally set for the combination, especially if they haven’t opened the safe in a while. This is why it’s tempting to write the combination down somewhere. Resist that urge, and memorize it instead — you’ll be thankful you did. If you forgot the combination, simply arrange to get the combination changed so that you can once again access what you need in your safe.

Changing The Combination Of Your Safe

As mentioned before, while electronic safes can have their combinations changed relatively easily by the owner, a mechanical lock can be tricky and should be done with the help of a certified locksmith. Changing the combination on an electronic lock is far simpler to use. They have an extremely user-friendly design that allows you to easily adjust the combinations to anything you wish (although most require 6 digits). Additionally, changing an electronic lock won't affect the manufacturer's warranty.

A mechanical safe lock requires spinning a dial to input your combination. You can find instructions on changing the combination of your dial lock in the owner's handbook that came with your safe but can be rather tricky if you are inexperienced and have not been through the process before. Mistakes will require the entire mechanism to be realigned, which will involve the removal of the back of the lock body. Moreover, you void the lock's manufacturing guarantee whether you are successful in changing it or not. This is why it is strongly recommended that you hire a locksmith to complete this sensitive and complex operation. 

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If you decide to change your safe’s combination, make sure to contact a locksmith who can advise you on what steps you should take to improve the security of your safe along with quickly and efficiently changing the combination. That way, you don’t have to worry about changing the combination yourself and can get the help of an experienced professional with years of experience doing this kind of work. The last thing you want to do is lock yourself out of your own safe and be unable the reach the contents. Take the initiative and reach out to a locksmith who can help you from start to finish. Then, enjoy the benefits of having a burglar-proof and newly secured safe.

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