Toyota Key Replacement Services

Toyota key replacement service is one of the more complex services that our industry has right now. When your keys get misplaced, forgotten, or broken, then the dealership cost of a replacement can be extremely high. Look online for a replacement key and you’ll find prices that are higher than taking out your family for dinner at one of Seattle’s finest restaurants. When you need ac Toyota key replacement, then contact Sevan Locks and Doors before deciding to pay the dealership cost of a replacement. We can likely save you some time, some money as well, and get you back on the road on the same day.

Toyota Key Replacement Services in 20 Minutes or Less

Toyota takes the security of your vehicle very seriously. Their key technologies have evolved over the years from a conventional key to Immobilizer keys to smart keys that allow you to push-start your vehicle. If your Toyota is an older model [1998 or before], then it likely has a basic conventional key which we can create for you in 20 minutes or less.

Toyota key made from scratch

The other two key options require some level of programming in order for your vehicle to properly operate. For Immobilizer system keys, using the wrong key will shut-off fuel to your engine. For proximity keys, your Toyota won’t start at all. Instead of paying the premium prices at a Seattle dealership, let our expert locksmiths give you a helping hand today. We will program your keys at your location, get you a key made from scratch, and do it for a surprisingly affordable price. Contact us right now at (206) 274-7061 and we’ll get started right away.

No extra charge for nights, weekends, or holidays 

At Sevan Locks and Doors, we understand that keys can become misplaced, lost, or broken at any time of day. This is where our Seattle locksmith services provide you with an advantage. You’ll never be charged extra for nights, weekends, or holidays when you need to have a Toyota key replacement. We guarantee that we will provide you with the lowest prices of any locksmith company in the Seattle area.

Toyota key made on the spot

Providing you the lowest price doesn’t mean that we compromise the quality of the services you’ll receive. Our expert locksmiths are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We will cut and program any Toyota key you may need on the spot. Even if you need laser-cut keys for your Toyota in Seattle, our services will make sure that you get the replacement keys that you need as soon as possible. Our customer reviews prove that our services and prices are the most competitive in the entire metro area. Need to schedule an appointment? Have an emergency key replacement need for your Toyota vehicle? Contact us now at (206) 274-7061 and we’ll get you back on the road in no time at all.

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