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Repairing or Replacing a Deadbolt Lock and Other Locks

The locks on your house, business and car are crucial to your security and livelihood. A break into any of these places can be devastating. There are other ways that your locks can become damaged as well. You must consistently make sure these locks are all in proper working order. If they aren't, it's time to either repair or replace them.


There are a variety of locks to choose from on your house or business. Many people use both door knob locks as well as a deadbolt or a chain. The more types of locks that you have on your door, the harder it will be for someone to breach it. You can also use a combination lock that has a number code to enter. Many businesses use key fobs instead of keys to let people gain access to the building. Business owners also use electronic keypads to increase the security of certain areas of the building. After assessing your different options, choose what you feel is best for you and your business. It's important to keep the locks working for the security of your business as well as your family. Consider repairing or replacing a deadbolt lock and other locks in the following situations.

Someone Broke In

A break-in is a very scary situation. Even though you're still reeling from what happened, it's important to think about the future. Secure your safety as well as the security of your business as soon as possible. If someone broke into your house, business, or car, you need to repair or, more likely, replace your locks. It's important to feel safe again as you go forward from this incident. 

Additionally, criminals are creatures of habit. This means that if they have successfully accessed your home before, they will feel confident that they can do it again. Changing your locks and upgrading your security will fortify your home against any future attacks. Don’t leave the possibility of a burglar returning to chance. That is never a bet you want to lose. 

Upgrade to a Deadbolt

If your lock was damaged in your house or business, look into upgrading the lock to a deadbolt if you don't already have one. If the locks were damaged and allowed someone to get in, it's important to prevent this from happening again in the future. A deadbolt is a more secure way to make it difficult for someone to gain access to your property. Consult with a local locksmith to find the most secure locks.

Jammed Door

If you have problems with your key getting stuck or having trouble getting the door to open, it's important to have the locks assessed. In colder weather, door locks typically begin to experience issues. Moisture from rain, snow, or ice is a door lock's worst enemy. If the moisture is allowed to find its way in and settles in the lock’s numerous ridges, it may have a difficult time evaporating. And if the weather outside is cold enough, that same moisture could freeze. 

Once frozen, the lock will become difficult or impossible to turn and may even damage it. If your key has become stuck or your lock is frozen, there are a few things you might try. You can try to briefly heat the key with a lighter or a candle. Another technique you can try is a lock de-icer. Whatever you attempt, please use caution. If, for any reason, you don’t feel confident or safe, please call a professional immediately. 

Address Any Damage

Something may be damaged inside of the lock. Before it becomes impossible to open it with the key, you need to replace the broken lock with a new one. This is a problem that won’t go away on its own, and you need to address it as soon as possible. 

Lock damage may also indicate an intruder’s attempts at accessing your home. Some common signs of this include:

  • Bent latches and deadbolts
  • A warped door or doorframe
  • Nicking damage around the keyhole and edges
  • Shiny and new scratch marks on or around the keyhole and edges
  • Signs of damage to your door and frame from a tool or object

If you notice any of the signs, immediately contact the authorities. Once the authorities have been alerted, it is a good idea to beef up your locks and home security. 

Not Locking Properly

If you have a problem getting the door to lock properly, this is also a dilemma that won't go away without changing something. And the longer you wait to address issues like this, the more your family and home are at risk. 

Replace the Lock for Optimum Security

The lock may have damage on the inside, and it's important to replace the lock. If the device doesn’t lock properly, someone could get into your car, house, or business without much effort. 

Problem With the Deadbolt

A deadbolt is a great option and one that most people use to protect their homes. If it starts to have problems, you should either repair or replace it, depending on the issue. It's usually better to replace the lock rather than repair it.

For a sticking deadbolt, there are a few techniques you might try that could help alleviate your issue. You can spray thread lubricant into the keyhole to loosen any metal deposits preventing the deadbolt from turning. Another technique that could be worth a shot is lightly dusting your key with graphite. You might also try squeezing some into the lock’s hole. Once done, insert your key and give it a few good turns. This will allow the graphite to work itself into the locking mechanism. 

Find Out If a Repair Will Fix It

There are some cases where it may make sense to fix it. If locking and unlocking it is becoming difficult, it may just be a problem with the key. The key begins to wear down over time, so you can have a new key made to solve this problem. It could also be an issue with the lock, and spraying WD-40 into it may solve your problem. 

Another instance where you may be able to repair the deadbolt is when the bolt of the lock and the strike plate are no longer in alignment. If the door hinges shift, that can cause this misalignment to happen. If you file out the hole in the strike plate slightly, it can correct the problem.

Lost Your Keys

Because your keys determine who can access your home, you may need to get a new lock if you lose your keys. Neglecting to change your locks after losing a key leaves your home at a serious security risk. When keys are lost, it can also be a good time to upgrade your locks.

What About Your Car Keys?

If you locked your keys in your vehicle, you would probably need to call a lock repair service if you don't have access to a spare. When you call, make sure that they have experience with your particular car model. This might also be the perfect time to consider investing in a keyless entry option for your vehicle. This will help keep you from losing your cool when misplacing your car keys. 

Be sure to address any issues with locks as soon as you notice them, and it is an easier fix. It's also a good idea to regularly check the locks on your car, business, and house to ensure that they are in working order.

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