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Dodge Key Replacement

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If you’re in need of a Dodge key replacement in the Seattle, Washington area, our team here at Sevan Locks and Doors is here to help. Our locksmiths can get you your duplicate key or replacement key in no time at all! Give us a call today to find out how we can help you with your locksmith needs. 

Dodge Key Replacement Services

Replacing a Dodge key can be quite a difficult process because of how complex the keys are, but our locksmiths make it work! Many Dodge owners turn to the dealership when they are in need of a new key. Unfortunately, they quickly discover just how expensive it can be to get your new key made at the dealership. 

Our locksmiths are able to provide you with a new key at a fair price that will leave you satisfied! We work on a wide range of Dodge makes models, and years. No matter the key you have, we should be able to get you a replacement or a duplicate. 

Traditional Car Keys

If you have an older Dodge, your car key was more than likely made the same way a house key is made. It’s even possible that your car dealership is unable to make a replica of the key as it’s too old. This can leave you frustrated!

We put the key into a grinding machine and it grinds away the metal to form the key into the right shape for your lock. Our technicians can make one of these keys in about 20 minutes. You shouldn’t have to worry about having a key that’s too old! 

Immobilizer and Smart Key

When it comes to your car keys, Dodge’s number one priority is ensuring that you, your car, and your belongings are all protected. This means making keys that are complicated to duplicate. In recent years, they have changed the designs of their keys in order to embrace modern security technology. 

Immobilizer keys and smart keys have been around for about 20 years. Key fobs allow you to push a button and start your vehicle. If your Dodge is an older model, then it likely has a basic conventional key. Models that are newer generally have a more advanced key. No matter what make or model your car, our expert team can help you.

We Are Experienced

If the key duplicating process is not done correctly, you will not be able to lock and unlock or start it. Dodge keys must be programmed in a specific way. Because of this, many people believe that they must get their new key from the dealership. 

An experienced and trained automotive locksmith, such as the ones here at Sevan Locks, will also be able to do this job for you. Our team has experience reprogramming old car keys. We also have experience making replacement Dodge keys. 

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If you’re in need of a replica Dodge key in the Seattle area don’t wait any longer! Our team here at Sevan Locks is ready to help you. Call us to find out how one of our experienced, trained, and friendly locksmiths can help you.

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