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Should I Change my Locks After Each Tenant Moves Out?

When you think about your rental property and making an income the cost of changing the locks after each tenant is more than likely something that has never crossed your mind. But it should. Most landlords ponder over the thought of if they should change the locks after every tenant. This can become very costly if you have a property with a high turnover. The landlord is however responsible for the security of the property. This leaves the big question. Should I change the locks after each tenant moves out? 

Security of the Property

Renters are much more likely to experience a home invasion than a normal homeowner. In this case, renters and landlords need to work together to make sure a rental is as secure as possible, starting with the locks. Deadbolt locks on all the exterior doors are one of the best ways to prevent burglary.

In most states, the responsibility of the security of the property falls on the landlord. When a renter moves out, they should provide the landlord with all the keys to the property but how can a landlord be sure they have received all the keys? Would they know if extra keys had been made to share with loved ones for the locks? This is simply something they cannot know. This makes it difficult to have complete control over the keys to your investment property. The only way to ensure that a property is secure for the new tenant is to change all the locks.

If a past tenant happens to keep a key the landlord has not given the new tenant a secure property. This is where changing the locks is a priority. As a new tenant, you want to make sure you are safe in your new home.

Cost of Replacing Locks

The locks can be easily changed, at minimal cost, by the landlord, if they know-how or a professional can be called in.  This option can become costly after several tenant turnovers.  

The cost of replacing locks over and over again can get costly. A professional locksmith like the ones at Sevan Locks and Doors offers many options. One option is a smart lock. With one simple lock, your home can be protected with a code or with a fingerprint scan. The smart lock also allows for easy change of the passcodes done from smartphones or other devices.  This option would allow the landlord to change the codes and protect the new tenant without the cost of replacing the locks with new hardware.

Another option would be a rekey able lock. These locks are designed to be changed with just the turn of a key. The locks can be changed without the need for removing or replacing any hardware. 

Locks and keys are an important part of keeping a home safe. There are so many options for a landlord to choose from. The professionals at Sevan Locks and Doors are willing and waiting to help you make the security of your rental property as easy and cost-effective as possible. In the end, Landlords, plan to rekey the place, especially between renters. 

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