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How Often Should I Change Out Locks On Rental Property

Are you debating on switching out your locks on your home or rental property? Not sure where to start or how to tell if you need to? Well if you are in the Magnolia, WA area, Sevan Systems can help you! Don’t leave your safety up to chance! Let the professionals step in to help! 

The Importance Of Changing Your Locks 

It is always important to change your locks to make sure they are working properly. To make sure the lock mechanisms are efficient and can still do their jobs. Another important reason to change your locks is to prevent unwanted entry. Perhaps too many copies of your old key have been made, change your locks to secure your home. 

It’s important to change out your locks every so often to prevent unwanted entry. As well as to make sure that your lock is always working at optimal level. This is especially true for rental properties as there is more traffic there. You don’t want an old guest using the same key to gain entry later down the road. 

How Often You Should Change Your Locks 

You should change out your locks at least once every 7 years. For rental properties, it’s a little different. If you’re running a rental property, it’s advised to change out your locks, or have them rekeyed after every tenant. This is to make sure none of your old tenants try to gain entry after their lease has ended. 

Benefits Of Changing Your Locks On A Rental Property

The main benefit of changing your locks on a rental property is to secure the safety of the new tenants. Most old tenants never return their key and may keep it for months to come. Meaning, that if you don’t change the locks on your rental property, they will have access to the unit still. In other words, it helps to keep out those who should never gain entry onto your property. Promoting the safety and security of you and your new tenants.  

How Do I Know If I Need To Change Out Locks? 

If there is visible damage to your lock, you should consider changing it out. If you have a new tenant in your unit, you will want to change out the lock for safety reasons. Another reason to know you need to change locks would be if your lock is malfunctioning or not working properly. If you’re at the 7 year mark, it’s time to update your locks. If someone you don’t want in your home/rental property has a copy of the key, you should change locks. 

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