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When To Replace Locks On Rentals In Seattle

If you live in a rental home you have probably asked questions about the locks on the house. If they were changed and what the rules are for them being changed. Those are important questions to ask when trying to ensure your safety in that home. Most likely when you moved in you signed a lease that can inform you on those procedures. 

When Moving In

The security of the renters should be the main priority of the landlord. It is the landlord's job to make sure the house is secure and safe for any renters that may move in. One of those ways to ensure safety is by having the locks changed when switching renters. 

You should always ask the landlord if they changed the locks since the last tenants left. If the answer is no, the best thing to do is ask that they be changed. In some instances they may say you can have them changed, as long as you give them a copy of the key. 

When Moving Out

When someone has recently moved out of a rental home, the first step should be to change the locks. Even if the renters turn in all of their keys, you can never be certain that an extra wasn't made at some point. By not changing the locks, the risk of a break in is very high. 

Most of the time there is a section in the lease about keys and locks. It will state how many keys were given and whether the tenant is allowed to change the locks or not. Usually consent or contact with the landlord is needed before that can happen. Landlords most of the time have a master key to be able to get in if needed. 

A Roommate Moves Out

Several renters have roommates that split the cost of living with them. If you and the roommate have had a falling out for some reason or they just moved out, change the locks. When someone moves out of a rental for any reason, you always want to have the locks changed. That way when and if a break in ever occurs, you know that the only ones with access to your home is you. 

If You Misplace Your Keys

It is so easy to lose your keys. You set them down for a second and walk away, then you don't remember where you set them. If you don't find them, you want to be sure to change your locks instead of just having another key made. You never can be too sure, and being safe rather than sorry is the safer option. 

Laws About Changing Locks on a Rental

It depends on where you live and the laws that your state has you to follow. This is a question that is generic, you have to go by your state. Most of the time it is a matter if the tenant was evicted, left on their own, or the lease is up.

If someone has an up to date lease and they leave early, usually you can't change the locks until their lease is up. This however can change if contact is made or your state has different rules regarding that. It does all go back to what is stated in the lease between the tenant and the lease holder. 

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