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3 Reasons You Should Use a Professional Locksmith

It’s rare that locksmiths get called under pleasant circumstances. We get it. If you’re picking up the phone, it means you need help and you need it fast. Though your inclination may be to try and solve the problem yourself, these three situations are best handled with the help of a professional.

I Broke a Key Inside a Lock

So, you tried to turn your key and it suddenly broke into two – leaving part of it inside the lock. There are few things more frustrating than this. And also, how improbable does this seem? Surprisingly, this is more common than you might think and it’s not because you’ve been working on your biceps at the gym. When the blade or tip of the key is stuck inside the lock, you might try to extract the fragment yourself. However, this may cause it to jam even worse or damage the tumblers. This is where a professional locksmith will come in handy. Using specialty tools and techniques can save the lock and the frustration.

I Lost My Car Keys and Now I’m Locked Out of My Car

Yuck! This one is a nightmare scenario which only could be made worse when you’re in a rush or a panic. If you’re locked out without spares, you can attempt to open the car with some well known tricks like a coat-hanger or a slim-jim. This does take some skill and luck. However, it can also potentially scratch up the glass or interior of your car if you fail at popping the lock.

This is where a professional will come in handy. Calling up your local dealership with your VIN number and a ride, you can pick up another set of keys within a day. Typically, a dealership will have you paying top dollar for the inconvenience, whereas a professional mobile locksmith will come to you and either unlock your vehicle or create another set of keys for a fraction of the price.

In regards to your car locks, it’s also important to consider that car thieves are getting better at what they do best in Seattle. With experts being able to break into and steal your car in less than a minute, it’s always good to employ a better defense. Improving your locks and ignition to laser cut keys will increase your chances of staying in possession of your vehicle by deterring the thief to move onto easier prey.

I Just Moved into a New Home

Moving into a new home is always an overwhelming experience. The thrill of signing the final papers, getting your keys, and moving everything inside is incredibly exciting. But with your new keys comes risk of previous owners or tenants having too much access with your most valuable possession. It’s always a good idea to change out the locks on all exterior doors when you buy a new home, just to ensure there are no duplicates out there in the hands of perfect strangers. Being an avid DIYer is great, but changing your locks is probably something we’d encourage you to leave to the professionals. If you install your locks incorrectly, you could potentially reduce your security. Who has time for that? A professional locksmith can help you determine the best locks to go with and quickly get them installed so you can worry about the more important things like, you know, the Seahawks Game.

I Want Better Home Security for 2017

With 6,200+ Seattle burglary reports so far in 2016, if you still haven’t beefed up your security - there are plenty of upgrades you can do to keep the bad guys out. Let’s us help you stay safe and secure for the new year.

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