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Why Laser-Cut Keys Are Becoming So Popular

Have you ever mistaken someone else car as your own? Being the same model and color, you walk up to it and try to unlock it with your key; only to realize the key doesn’t open the door. Now, what if I told you that there is a chance you could’ve open a similar car of yours and start it? This is not as rare as you might think. Alex Livingston at KTVB did a great report of accidental thefts with older model cars.

With over 90 million vehicles being produced yearly, it’s no wonder the automotive industry is turning to a new locking mechanism for car security. Laser-cut keys and here to prevent these accidental thefts and beef up security to your vehicle.

Lowering Your Odds of an Identical Match

We all love having higher odds when gambling, but this isn’t a casino and you shouldn’t put your car on the blackjack table. With a standard cut key – the chances, according to Honda, is 1: 3,500 of an identical match. Laser cut keys, on the other hand, have 1: 30,000 odds of being an identical match. That’s almost 10 times less likely than a standard key.

Keeps Lock-Pickers at Bay

Aside from accidental theft, you have good old fashioned lock-picking to worry about. This is where laser-cut keys shine again. Since these keys are cut at the center and boast higher precision, they make it much more difficult for the average thief to open without some serious gear. And even if they do have the right equipment, they’ll surely be slowed down than if your car had a standard key.

Transponder, Save Me!

Before you go staking out your car to protect it from harsh criminals, you may already have a failsafe in place. Since the late 1990s, carmakers have equipped a transponder inside the head or bow of your car keys. So when the ignition is turned on, it detects a signal to make sure it’s the right transponder or it will shut off. This is great to make sure someone doesn’t drive off with your car, but it does little to protect valuables you might have inside your glovebox or in the backseat.

Prepare for The Unexpected

With advancements in technology for security comes the price tag. There’s no denying modern keys being more expensive versus standard car keys. But it’s more expensive when you lose your only set of laser-cut keys and have to get the vehicle towed to the dealership or locksmith. That’s why we encourage taking extra precautions to ensure you don’t misplace your keys.

That being said, if you’re looking for extra security then upgrading to a laser-cut key is the way to go. Sevan Locks and Doors would be happy to make you a new key today.

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