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Protect Your Business’ Confidential Data with a Safe

Protect Your Business’ Confidential Data with a Safe

Your business is nothing without its data. If sensitive business information falls into the wrong hands, you might give your competitors the upper hand. But you also still need this information on site to be able to review it or present it, if need be. What’s a business owner to do? Invest in a safe, that’s what.

Why A Safe?

A safe is your best defense in protecting these valuable assets. Not just for your sake, but for your customers’ as well. In the era of the cloud and information being shared on the internet, a safe for your data may sound like an old school approach. However, it can still be one of your best defenses against disaster and theft.

No one expects disasters to happen, but they certainly can come out of nowhere. Trying to collect everything important in a stressful and unexpected situation like this is stressful. Those trade-secrets and other sensitive information for the business can be kept safe from being damaged by fire, smoke, or debris if put in an office safe.

Placing documents in a safe will keep your confidential documents and highly sensitive business information protected for when the worst happens. But where do you start with getting the right safe?

Choosing Your Safe

With technology walking along side with security, digital safes are becoming a common practice in the business environment. It’s important to be able to create temporary passwords on a whim for employees that need access. The downsides are that you have to change the batteries once a year (something easy to forget) and if you repeatedly input the wrong combination, you’ll have to wait five minutes before you can start again.

Mechanical safes with the classic dial combination lock have been a standard for ages and have mostly stood the test of time. It can still get the job done, but lacks the convenience of a digital safe. They can take longer to open and if you need to change the combination, you’ll have to call a locksmith. Mechanical safes can also be hard to use for employees with shaky hands or arthritis. In the end, you decision will come down to personal preference. You can’t go wrong either way.

Securing Your Safe

A safe isn’t always a deterrent. It actually makes some potential thieves intrigued, piquing their curiosity about what could be inside. The last thing you want to happen is for the thief to just pick up your safe and take the whole thing with them. That’s why, yes, you need to have safety precautions installed for your safe.

Bolting it down

1,500 pounds of Grade A steel might sound like it’s not going anywhere, but with some muscle, a few motivated culprits can pick up something like that and carry it out the front door. Bolting down your safe adds time to the attempt, but this still isn’t a foolproof plan.

Invest in a High Grade Model

Low quality safes are child’s play to a career thief. Some can break into one within 3 minutes. Just because it’s has a fancy lock and bolted down, doesn’t mean it can’t be broken into. Opt to spend the cash on a higher grade model. The cost may seem a lot now, but it’s a lot less than losing all your business-critical files.

Burglar Alarm

If someone is determined to try to break in, a burglar alarm makes them shorten their attempt in trying to break in or steal a safe. Regardless if it catches them in the act, an alarm will create more pressure and cause them to give up unsuccessfully.

Ready to start protecting your confidential materials from theft or disasters? Sevan Locks & Doors is here to help. We not only can help you find the right safe for your needs, but we’ll help install it, too. Don’t wait until you’re in desperate need – get your business’ safe setup today.

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