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Why Won't My Garage Door Close? Exploring Possible Causes and Fixes

A garage door that will not close can be a frustrating problem that slows down or brings your day to a complete halt. A garage door that won't close properly is one issue that many homeowners deal with regularly. Let's look at several possible causes of this issue and review practical solutions for getting your garage door back on track and in working order.

Safety Sensors That Are Misaligned

The most frequent cause of a garage door that won't close is a problem with the door's safety sensors. These sensors generate an invisible beam from a location close to the base of your garage door. The garage door won't close as a safety measure if this beam is blocked by debris or dirt or has become misaligned. Make sure there are no obstructions blocking the sensors before attempting to resolve this issue. If the sensors seem to be out of alignment, carefully realign them until the indicator lights on both sensors are consistent.

Faulty Garage Door Remote 

The remote itself may be the cause of your garage door not closing. Battery replacement may be necessary, so check them first. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to reconfigure the remote if it still isn't working. You can also check the wall-mounted control panel inside the garage to see if the problem is with the remote or the garage door opener. A properly functioning wall-mounted control panel is a sign that the remote requires repair or replacement.

Garage Door Springs That Are Broken or Worn 

The effortless operation of your door depends heavily on the garage door springs. It may be difficult for the door to close completely if one or both of the springs are damaged or worn out. Visible gaps or damage indicators can be used to identify broken springs. For your safety, it is imperative to have the springs replaced by a professional due to the tremendous stress involved. To check the springs and replace them if necessary, get in touch with a reliable garage door service.

Track Damage or Alignment 

Your garage door may become stuck or fail to close correctly if a damaged or misaligned track prevents it from operating correctly. Look for any obvious damage, such as bends, dents, or obstructions, on the tracks. Any mismatched portions of the track can be gently realigned using a rubber mallet. If the track is seriously broken, it might need to be professionally fixed or replaced. Additionally, make sure the rollers are properly oiled and in good condition to allow for smooth track movement.

Wiring or Electrical Issues 

A garage door may occasionally malfunction due to electrical or wiring issues. Ensure the garage door opener receives power by checking the power source. Examine the electrical connections for any faulty or loose wires. It is essential to get professional help if you have no experience with electrical work to prevent potential risks such as injury or further damage to the door or your home. 

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By identifying the underlying causes and applying the appropriate fixes, you can resolve the issue and restore your garage door's functionality. Remember to prioritize safety and consult a professional to ensure proper repairs and maintenance of your garage door system. We work with many neighborhoods in and around Seattle, Washington, including Magnolia, Northgate, and Capitol Hill. For assistance with all of your garage door needs, contact our team here at Sevan Systems. 

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