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What Should I Do When I Can't Access My Safe?

You are trying to get into your safe and realize you can't gain access, now what? The first thing you may try to do is panic and freak out.  Next, you may start to question if you got the combination wrong or maybe you lost the key you needed. You may want to call a locksmith right away and see what they can do to help. While that is a great idea, and the team at Sevan Locks and Doors is here to help, there are a few other things you may consider also doing to help us out.

Find Out What Safe You Have

When you cannot access your safe, you first need to find out what kind of safe you have. There is a broad spectrum of safes that are available on the market today. These can range from electronic safes to gun safes, and they can store just about anything of value. 

It may sound crazy to tell you what kind of safe you have, but if you have forgotten the combination, this can help. Knowing the proper identity of your safe can help reset your combination, recover the combination or unlock the safe. You do not want to panic and damage the safe and the internal components. 

Some information that could help find out the type of safe you have is a serial number or information where you purchased the safe. The serial number can typically be found on the side of the safe or the back panel. 

Is a Key Override Available?

After you figure out what kind of safe you have, you should check if the safe has a key override that can be used in these situations. Key overrides can come in handy because you can gain access to the safe using a different method.

It is possible that you did not know your safe has a key override option. Some people do not read the user's manual when they purchase a new safe, and not all safes advertise they have the key override option. Try to read through your manual and see if this is an option for you.

Can You Use a Change Key?

If your safe does not have a mechanical key override, there is still no need to worry. You may use a change key to help; this allows you to change the combination that grants access to your safe. A change key is beneficial if you forgot your combination. 

A change key is not a universal solution because it will not work on all safes. It also sometimes requires you to know your combination, and in this instance of a forgotten or lost combo, it is no help. 

Call a Locksmith

Once you have located what type of safe you have and if an override will not work, it is time to call a locksmith. The Sevan Locks and Doors team has many years of practice dealing with all types of safes and can help you too. 

A safe is a very intricate device, and they have to be treated as such. We have all the latest tools and techniques and guarantee that we will safely get into your safe quickly with as minor damage as possible. 

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