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What Do I Do If I Break My Car Key Off In The Ignition?

When your car key breaks off in your lock or in your ignition, your first instinct may be to panic. However, there are several steps you can take to remove the broken key, including calling a local Seattle locksmith. We’re going to outline several ways you can remove a broken car key from your lock!

Examine the Lock

The first thing you should do is try to pinpoint where exactly the key broke. Depending on the spot, you may be able to take the key out without needing outside assistance. Check to see if the key is broken in the middle of the key head. 

If the key broke in the middle, you still may be able to turn in the lock and remove what’s left of the key. If the key is broken at the key head, it may require a locksmith to remove the key safely. Try to wiggle the key around to see if it can be taken out. 

Spray Oil Into Keyhole

If you are making an attempt to remove the key from the ignition yourself, you made need some lubricating products. Products such as penetrating oil allow you to loosen up the keys, making it easier to pull them out. This type of oil is available at almost all home improvement stores. It is also available online if you can wait out the shipping times or you want to buy it as a precautionary measure. 

Once you have the oil, spray the oil into the keyhole where the key is broken. This will loosen the key up a little bit, possibly allowing it to slip out. This oil can also be beneficial if you have a lock that has been difficult to operate. Sometimes these locks simply need a little maintenance. Spraying penetrating oil will make it easier to lock and unlock without slaving away. These locks can also be dangerous, as keys break off easier. 

Use Tools

You more than likely already have tools at your disposal in your toolbox that you can use to remove a broken key. For example, a pair of needle-nosed pliers can latch onto the key stuck into the keyhole. You should pair this method with a penetrating oil we mentioned previously. This method works best if the key is broken at the head. 

In some instances, a screwdriver can also do the trick. Insert your screwdriver into the lock and turn it back to its default position. This will help you turn the car on if the key broke but it might not help get the key out. When using tools, it’s important that you treat the lock with delicacy. The last thing that you want to do is further damage the key or the ignition itself. 

Call A Technician

If it’s looking like the key won’t come out after trying the methods we mentioned above, it’s time to give a local locksmith the call. In fact, it’s recommended that you do this anyway, as it can be easy to further damage your ignition by trying to pry it out. The reality is, locksmiths have access to tools, equipment, and years of experience that the laymen simply don’t.

When you try to remove the key from the lock, you run the risk of damaging your lock. Not only will you need a new key, but you’ll also need to repair the lock! If you’re worried about messing the lock up any further, give a locksmith a call.

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