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Best Keyless Entry Lock in Seattle

In our fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find the security system that works with your lifestyle. Businesses often depend on multiple systems to ensure security and everyday comings and goings of their properties. Keep the security of your business in the palm of your hand with the ProdataKey. This entirely cloud-based keyless entry lock system can be the answer to your remote access and security needs. 

What is a ProdataKey

A ProdataKey is a system that allows remote access to various doors and controls. This puts the power of all doors and other entry points directly into the user's hands. This system acts as a remote access system as well as a security system. With the prodatakey system, business owners can have complete control over who goes in and out as well as keeping detailed logs of all entry activity. 

 The ProdataKey system works with a simple plug and plays hardware that connects via an app. Building owners can streamline the programming process by eliminating wires all over the workplace. The ProdataKey system uses Cloud Nodes to enable users to have wireless access anywhere at any time. The Cloud also offers seamless system backups with up to six months of data protection. This offsite storage protects your data from any local issues that may arise.

Why try ProdataKey

ProdataKey has so many benefits for business owners. The biggest advantage is a significant reduction in cost. Prodatakey's combine an access system and security system into one combined system. The system is also completely controlled via the mobile app, and the simple component configuration reduces the need for in house technician support. This reduction in services and support dramatically reduces the cost of operating the system. 

The prodatakey system is customizable and easy to update as your needs change. The system is not only for new installations, but it can also be an addition to systems already in place. The unique prodatakey software confirms with current industry standards making it a perfect product for an upgrade to any network or a simple conversion.

Complete Control with the App

With the prodatakey app, it is easy to have control of all your business security systems. As long as you have access to the internet. Prodatakey app allows users to have complete control of the system no matter the device that is being used to access it. 

  • Manage all your business locations in one place.
  • Stay up to date with instant alerts. These alerts are entirely customizable, so you can be notified about the things that matter most. 
  • Easily add new users and assign them to groups. Quickly set, change, and restrict user permissions.
  • Stay in the know about all door statuses with live event monitoring. This allows users to see which doors are open, closed, locked, or unlocked and change the state of all entries remotely. 
  • Implement elevator control with simple configuration options

Who Can Install a ProdataKey System

If you are looking for more accessibility and customization, the ProdataKey system may be right for your business. Business owners need to work with installers that can be trusted to meet their needs while keeping their data secure. The Team at Sevan Locks and Doors Seattle can help you with all your needs.

We are a family-owned business that prides ourselves on our focus on award-winning customer service and satisfaction. Our expert technicians are able to get your system installed quickly and ensure users can use and understand their new system. Contact Sevan Locks and Doors for more information and to schedule your ProdataKey installation at (206)274-7061. 

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