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What do Locksmiths Actually do?

Typically when people think of locksmiths, they think of the person they call when they get locked out of their home. However, locksmiths are highly trained and experienced professionals who can help you in many ways. SO, what do locksmiths actually do? A locksmith in the Seattle area can help you with any of your locksmith needs and more. 

Five Ways a Locksmith Can Help You

A locksmith is a technician who specializes in lock and key repair. While they can help you get into your home and repair a broken lock, there’s much more than can do. Here are some of the ways a locksmith can help that you may not be aware of:

1. Ignition Replacement

A locksmith can replace the ignition of your car. Your ignition may need replacement if it’s been damaged and can no longer fit your key. It may also be time to replace your ignition if you have lost your keys and you’re worried someone might have them. 

2. Key Extraction

It’s not uncommon for a key to become lodged in a lock or ignition. A locksmith can extract a broken, bent or damaged key from a keyhole. They can then either repair the key if it’s salvageable or replace it. 

3. Mailbox Locks

If you have a PO box or a mailbox lock, a locksmith can help with any issues you may be having with the lock. They can replace and duplicate keys as well as repair and replace locks. They can also install new locks. 

4. Window Locks

Many homeowners are now considering placing locks on their windows. Locksmiths don’t only work with door locks and car keys. They can also install and maintain window locks. Window locks can help protect your home from a potential break-in, as a large portion of break-ins are through unlocked windows. They can also install commercial window locks. 

5. Key Recovery

If you have lost your key, a locksmith can get you a new one in no time at all. If you have lost your car keys, a technician can contact your local dealership and use a key code or your vehicle's VIN number. Most technicians offer a similar service 24/7. A locksmith can then duplicate the key so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys again. 

Local Locksmiths

If you’re looking for a locksmith in the Seattle area, give our team at Sevan Locks and Doors a call. Our locksmiths are highly trained and experienced and can help you no matter your locksmith needs! We can help you get back into your home, repair your damaged keys and replace locks and ignitions. We look forward to working with you! 

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