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Reasons to Get Duplicate House Keys From a Seattle Locksmith

Moving into a new home is exciting and there are countless details to remember. One of the most important ones is getting duplicate house keys from a Seattle locksmith. A reliable set, or several sets of keys, comes in handy for at least six reasons.

Prevent Future Lockouts

Nobody wants to get locked out after a long day at work or doing errands. But the hectic pace of daily life often means people run out the door and forget to grab their keys. Keep an extra set in a vehicle, handbag, briefcase, or pocket of a favorite jacket. Avoid leaving house keys in obvious spots, such as under a doormat or in a planter by the entrance. If there is a set outdoors, it should be in a place thieves won't think of.

Sets for Family and Friends

Sometimes people live with family and friends. In other situations, they are welcome to come to the house anytime. And people who value their privacy might want to give extra keys to loved ones in case of an emergency. Regardless, it is a convenience to give keys to trusted people. From forgetting to turn off the stove to running late for out-of-town guests, it helps when they have a set of keys to get in the house. And sometimes these people might just want to leave you a surprise for a special occasion!

Make the House Accessible to Service Providers

For people with a hectic schedule, it can become a huge hassle to run home every time a service provider needs to access the house. From a regular maid service to the dog walker, giving duplicate keys to reliable help can help you save time and effort. Always work with reputable service providers who carry insurance and perform background checks on all employees. Protect your personal security by verifying the identity of the service providers you give access to your home.

Broken Keys Are a Hassle

Broken keys tend to occur at the most inopportune times, such as late at night or during an ice storm. Facing this hassle is even more stressful when you don't have duplicate keys. It is far easier to extra keys when you have one than to change the locks or have a key made from scratch. Fortunately, if you forgot to make duplicate keys, a Seattle locksmith is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you get in the house.

Fast and Easy Key Replacement

Few situations are more frustrating than losing a house key. Everyone you need and want is located inside the house but you can't get in. No matter how careful people are, they still lose and misplace their keys. Having a duplicate key makes it much faster and easier for a locksmith to make a replacement one. Cutting a key takes just minute while disassembling a lock or searching for a key code takes much longer.

Duplicate Keys Help Save Time and Money

Consider the time and effort it takes when someone gets locked out due to a lost, misplaced or broken house key. This process is even longer and more challenging when there are no duplicate keys. It takes just a few minutes to get a few spare sets of keys cut and this helps you reduce aggravation and save money in the future.

If you need a set of duplicate keys, put the job in the hands of a reputable Seattle locksmith. A professional will cut the keys correctly to ensure they open the door in an emergency situation.

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