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Why Do I Need A Garage Door Tuneup?

To ensure that your garage door lasts its entire lifespan, it is crucial to do the necessary maintenance as it ages and its components start to wear out. Various conditions and events can cause the decline of your garage door. Overloading, aging, a lack of lubrication or fittings, and improper use are the most frequent causes. 

Most garage door manufacturers advise planning at least once-yearly maintenance, also known as garage door tune-ups, to avoid these and other issues. This article examines what a tune-up entails, its benefits, and how you can identify when you require one. 

What Is A Garage Door Tune Up?

An automated garage door and opener should have a tune-up performed at least once every one to two years to maintain smooth performance and safety. An inspection, adjustment, and lubrication of all the moving parts typically occur as part of the tune-up service to identify any stuck, worn-out, or damaged parts before they cause problems. A technician often starts a garage door tune-up by looking for cracks, corrosion, or dents on the outside door. 

Next, they check internal parts, including springs, tracks, and rollers, to identify whether changes or replacements are required. Other components, including sensors and photo eyes, are also examined for correct alignment and operation to prevent accidents during usage. All moving parts should be properly lubricated, and any nuts and bolts will be checked and tightened as needed. 

The Benefits Of A Tune Up

Your garage door will perform better, last longer, and operate safely if you get it regularly serviced. A smooth-operating garage door reduces stress on your door and your electric opener by keeping its springs and other parts in good condition. The following are some benefits related to routinely getting a garage door tune-up:

  • Ensures Safety - By inspecting all parts, garage door tune-ups minimize wear on parts and avoid injuries.
  • Enhance Performance - This means the door won't stick or struggle to open or close, making entering and leaving your home much smoother.
  • Increased Lifespan - By doing this, you can avoid replacing your garage door due to a future problem that could have been avoided.
  • Boosts Home Security - You can lessen the possibility of someone breaking into your home through the garage by ensuring the door and all its parts are in good functioning order.
  • Saves Money - By keeping up with routine maintenance, you might prevent having to replace expensive parts or an entire garage door. Additionally, you can avoid the sudden breakdown of worn parts, which frequently occurs at the worst possible time and requires expensive emergency service.

It's important to remember to schedule a garage door tune-up as part of your routine home maintenance. In addition to enhancing the appearance and feel of your house, a well-maintained garage door can add an extra level of security.

Signs That Your Garage Door Needs A Tune Up

Recognizing the signs of your garage door needing a tune-up can help save you a lot of money from unnecessary breakdowns and costly repairs. The following are some common indicators that your garage door may require maintenance:

  • Unusual Noises - If your garage door makes unusual sounds while it is opening and closing, this may be a sign that one or more of the components are having issues. Common noises include rattling, squeaking, and grinding.
  • Uneven Movement - If the door moves unevenly when you open or close it, one of the moving elements is out of balance. If this continues, adverse effects such as harm or damage may eventually result.
  • Slow Response Time - If your garage door opens or closes more slowly than normal, it may indicate that some parts must be replaced since they have been worn out over time.
  • Visible Damage - In some circumstances, the wear and tear on your garage door may be obvious. This can include rusted, bent, worn, or loose screws and nuts.

It is best to seek a professional for assistance if you observe any of the above signs. With a professional's help, a garage door tune-up can restore your system to operating normally and safely. 

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