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Why Large Seattle Companies Need Access Control Systems

Every business is different and has different needs when it comes to security and access control. Finding the right access control system for your large business can save time, money and just simplify getting around the facility while still maintaining the necessary security. Here is what to look for and what to expect when searching for an access control system for your large Seattle company.

Understanding Access Control Systems

Access control systems come in a variety of configurations and offer a solution to traditional key and lock systems. For an access control system locks can be controlled via fingerprint readers, magnetized cards or keypads. Large companies with numerous employees or businesses that have restricted areas typically benefit from access control systems.

Address Your Business’s Needs

To find the right access control system for your business figure out what your Seattle business needs. Consider the size of your company, the size of your facility and the nature of the work you do. Also look at the ease of use of the system. Consider how easily employees can be added to the system and how involved of a process is necessary to alter access privileges.

Looking Ahead

The ideal access control system needs to address your companies needs today. The right system will grow with your company and continue to address your needs, even as those needs evolve. Anticipate where your company will be and what you will need in terms of security, number of employees, space and so forth in the next several years when looking for the right access control system.

Give People Access to the Areas They Need

Certain areas of a business may only need to be accessible to specific employees. HR offices and sometimes even storage areas have restricted access. Depending on the nature of the business certain areas may be restricted to specific employees either due to company secrets or valuable items. An access control system makes it easy to control which employees can enter which areas without the hassle of managing multiple keys.

Address Personal Changes

As employees come, go or change their position within the company this impacts their level of access. Access settings can be controlled via a central system, eliminating the need to make copies of keys and distribute and collect those keys as needed. If an employee needs to gain access to a specific area, or lose access to an area this change can be handled quickly and simply.

Make It Easy for Employees to Come and Go

Access control systems give employees the ability to come and go as needed. Often the system can be controlled by simply swiping a card or entering a code. This can be quicker than unlocking a door with a key especially if an employee has multiple keys.

The time savings is minimal when you look at one employee opening one door, but for large companies with many employees or sprawling campuses the time savings can add up. When employees need to move across multiple buildings or navigate their way through areas with various levels of restriction an access control system can save time and make it easy to get from one area to another.

Reporting Capabilities

Some access control systems provide tracking capability. The ability to track where employees are and when can be beneficial in a variety of circumstances. Reports can also shed light onto how employees move through your facility and with analysis may provide improvements and efficies. When evaluating the need for access control system reporting consider how easy reports can be pulled and interpreted.

Create a Connected System

In some instances an access control system can be integrated to work with power and HVAC systems. For example, when an employee swipes their card or enters their code to open a door the lights can be triggered to turn on or the heat or air conditioning can turn on as appropriate. This type of system is more advanced than simply granting access. A connected system can save time and money by creating efficiencies.

Is Access Control Right for Your Business

Many large companies can easily benefit from an access control system. Easy maintenance is and adaptability make such a system much more simple to operate while providing increased oversight. Employees typically prefer an access control system since it will be easier to move through the facility and do what they need to do. Additional perks such as reporting and possibly even integrating into other systems for increased functionality make an access control system even more appealing. A trusted Seattle locksmith can help you find the right access control system for your business to address all of your needs.

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