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How to Open a Safe When It Seems Impossible to Open

A safe offers peace of mind that necessary documents and other items are secured. Being unable to open your safe can be stressful and a hassle, especially if you urgently need the items inside. If you have a safe you cannot open, stay calm and read these tips to find out how to open it.

Diagnose the Problem

A variety of reasons can be behind safes not opening properly. To figure out the problem you need to understand the types of safes you have and inspect the safe, including the dial or combination lock. It is necessary to determine if the problem is caused by a defect in the safe or a user error.

Safes Secured with a Key

For safes that are secured with a key, there can be two issues that result in the safe being inoperable. If the key breaks in the lock, it is a mechanical error and may need a locksmith. If the key is lost or misplaced, that is a user error.

Broken Key

In the instance of a broken key, any pieces stuck in the lock will need to be removed. It may not be possible to do this without damaging the lock, so be careful and don’t be afraid to call in a professional. If you have a second key, you are back in business once any obstruction is removed. Remember to be careful and not force the key. If you are down to one key, it may be a good idea to have a copy made in the case that key breaks or is misplaced once you've figured out how to open the safe.

Missing Key

When you cannot open your safe because the key is misplaced, you will need to bring in a locksmith. A trained locksmith will be able to gain entry into the safe. Depending on the situation, the safe lock may need to be compromised, or broken into, to get it opened.

Manual Combination Safe Lock

If you do not open your safe often, it can be easy to forget the combination to unlock the safe. For safes with a manual combination, cracking the code yourself can be tricky. It may be tempting to get a stethoscope and try to figure out the combination yourself, but this is usually something that just happens in movies. Having a professional locksmith that knows how to open a safe is just what you need!

Electronic Combination Safe Locks

Electronic combination safes offer the convenience of being able to choose your security code and merely pressing buttons to open the safe. It is still possible to forget the code, even if you chose it. In some instances, the batteries can run out of juice and render the safe permanently locked.

Opening an Electronic Safe

Some electronic safes feature a reset sequence that will allow you to open the safe if you do not remember the combination. This is a good solution in a dire situation, but reconsider using this safe if it can be so easily be opened by anyone who has read the owner’s manual. If your electronic safe does not have a master code, consult a locksmith to determine how to get it open.

Mechanical Problems

It is possible internal elements, like the bolts, are broken or lodged into place. If you can correctly enter your combination with no success, the problem may not be with the lock itself, but rather with the internal components. Signs of internal trouble will be if the handle does not budge, or only moves slightly when the combination is entered, or the key is used. Another sign of a jammed or broken bolt is if the handle moves when the lock is not disengaged or if the handle spins further than it should.

Consider the Quality of the Safe

You may be able to compromise a poorly made safe. In the short term, this can be a good solution, because you will gain access to whatever items were stored in the safe. If you can break into your own safe, you should replace it with a higher quality safe.

Decide What to Do

For whatever the cause of not being able to open a safe is frustrating. In some instances, it can be a significant problem if the items inside are urgently needed. Determining the cause of the problem will help you identify the solution. You need to decide if that answer is something you are capable of taking on or if you need to call a locksmith. If you choose to get in touch with a locksmith, tell them as much about the problem as you can, so they will be prepared to resolve the issue.

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