Do you own a business in Maple Leaf, WA? You need to look into Sevan Locks and Doors for the security protection measures you need for your business. We are a well-known and trusted company in Seattle, WA. You will be so glad that you took this time to learn about protecting your customers and employees.

Access Control and CCTV Services

Security systems in businesses are not only to deter customers from stealing but it is also to protect your employees as well. It is a way to have proof of incidences and help to give your employees confidence while at work. There are a few available options. 

Access control systems can allow you to set access points for employees. Not all areas of a business need to be accessed by everyone. That is why you can limit granted people with a code. CCTV services allow video viewing of your business. The cameras can be connected to any smart device you have for viewing access on the go.

Sevan Locks and Doors Loves Maple Leaf, WA 98125

Maple Leaf, WA, is just a hop and a skip away from Seattle. Sevan Locks and Doors is always happy and willing to make the drive over. The population is a little over 13,000 people, and it is in King County. If nature and the outdoors are something you enjoy, you have many options in this city.  

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If you are ready to get security measures installed in your Maple Leaf business, call us today. We can give you any additional information you need about our services. We are also happy to serve people in the surrounding communities. It is our pleasure to make sure you have the available protection for your customers and employees. We look forward to working with you in the near future. 

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