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What Are Smart Locks?

Smart devices are a part of our everyday lives in many ways, making many tasks simpler. From turning on your car from the comfort of your home to changing the thermostat or activating your home security system, there is an app and a smart device for almost literally anything. So, why not allow yourself the peace of mind that comes with a lock that you can access from anywhere in the world over an internet connection? 

What Is A Smart Lock?

The smart lock removes the need for a physical key when opening your door. Some models operate via a numeric keypad and an access code, and others can be controlled with an app. Some smart locks can be fitted over existing locking systems while others may require you to completely replace the current locking system in your home. 

What makes a smart lock “smart” is its ability to connect with other technology in order to protect you and your home. A smart lock can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi which allows you to operate it remotely, as well as check to see if it is locked or unlocked at any given moment. 

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Smart Lock?

With keyless entry, you no longer have to worry about forgetting your keys or spending five minutes rummaging around in your purse to find them. Additionally, if you have a guest over and you are not home to receive them at their moment of arrival, you can unlock the door for them remotely. With a mobile app, you have access to your lock from virtually anywhere in the world!

Smart locks also allow you to receive mobile alerts through the app which can be helpful with monitoring who is entering your home or if your kiddos have finally made it home. And with the smart key feature, you no longer need to replace your lock if you lose a key or forget to get one back from someone. Simply reprogram your key codes in your smart lock and voila! No muss, no fuss. 

How Do I Know If I Really Need A Smart Lock?

Smart locks offer homeowners both safety and convenience which is a win-win! Hideaway keys were convenient in the past but there was always that possibility that someone who wasn't supposed to find it would, right? With a smart lock, there is no hiding. You either gain access or you don’t. This is extremely beneficial for Airbnb renters, as well. Your busy schedule is made a lot easier with the access that having a smart lock allows when you have potential renters showing up to view the rental. 

These locks also provide the convenience of allowing homeowners to answer their own question of whether or not they remembered to lock the front door when rushing out for work earlier that morning. Or what about when you are laying in bed at night, cozy and comfortable, but you cannot remember if you remembered to lock the front door? Dilemma solved – with the smart lock you can check on the status of the lock and lock or unlock it if need be. 

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