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What Is Smart Lock Installation?

Are the worries of the world weighing heavy on your shoulders? Perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading your security measures at home! If you’re in the Magnolia, WA area then you’re in luck! Sevan Systems is near you and can help! Our team has been servicing the community with all security system needs! 

What Is A Smart Lock?

First things first, what is a smart lock? A smart lock is an electric, mechanical lock placed on your door. It responds by locking and unlocking the door when a certain biometric sensor or keypad is used. In other words, it’s a fancy lock that uses either your thumbprint or a pin to unlock the door. They are becoming more and more common as we further advance into the technical age. 

Benefits Of Smart Lock Installation

When it comes to upgrading your home security with the installation of a new smart lock, there are many benefits. Some locks have a feature to contact either you or the police when an unauthorized user tries to gain entry. There are also locks that let you supply each user with their own specialized code. Another benefit of installing a smart lock is that most of them come with a camera installed in the device. Allowing you to see who is at your door and using the smart lock.  

How Do I Know If I Need Smart Lock Installation? 

If you are a person who always forgets or leaves their keys behind. Then installing a smart lock to your home may be very beneficial and convenient for you. Perhaps it’s not you but your children who are always forgetting their keys. Having a smart lock will prevent you or your kids from ever getting locked outside. 

You can also let people in more easily if you are away. This will be handy if you need your house or dog watched. If you rent out an Airbnb, having a smart lock also deems beneficial for you as well. Helping with the same issues and ease of access to your clients. Even creating different codes for each user to ensure security. If you find yourself in any of these situations, then you could use a smart lock installed on your property. 

How Do I Know Which Smart Lock Is Right For Me?

Dependent on what the smart lock will be used for, there are many different types to choose from. Some smart locks include a camera, others only a keypad. There is also the option of biometric smart locks or even ones that pair with an app on your phone. Before buying your new smart lock, talk to a professional to understand the benefits of each type. 

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