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Why Should I Have My Home Rekeyed?

Having a security system in place is a great addition to any home or business. Security Systems help to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your safety is in good hands. Sevan Systems of Magnolia, WA can help you with all your safety needs. From keycards and surveillance to smart locks and integration, our team does it all! 

What Does It Mean To Have Your Home Rekeyed? 

If you’ve never heard the term before, rekeying a lock is performed by a locksmith. First they remove the lock cylinder along with the pins/tumblers, then replace and reinstall it with a new combination. This will make it so all old keys no longer work on your rekeyed lock. Not to mention, this is a much cheaper option than simply changing all the locks in your home.


Rather than changing the entire lock on every entrance/exit of your home. You are simply only changing the lock cylinder which is more cost-effective. Rekeying your home will also help you feel more secure as all old keys will no longer work. So, if you’ve had issues with break-ins or untrustworthy people holding a copy of your key, no need to worry. This is even beneficial for those who tend to lose their keys easily. Rekeying your home could save you from any attempted break ins from finding an old key. 

How To Know If You Need Your Home Rekeyed

If you’re moving into a new home and are unsure if any copies of the key still exist. This would be a good time to consider getting your home rekeyed. If you lost your key and fear that someone may have found it, you should get your home rekeyed. If you want to prevent someone who has a copy of your key from getting in. You should consider getting your home rekeyed rather than fighting to get your key back and living in fear. Rekeying your home is a cheaper route than replacing all locks, so your peace of mind won’t break the bank.

How To Get Your Home Rekeyed 

To rekey a home requires a locksmith. The cost can be anywhere between $80 - $160. Which is cheaper than the alternative of changing all the locks. The costs include the trip fee usually given for the locksmith to come out to your home. As well as the fee for rekeying all your homes’ locks. Which includes dissembling the lock cylinder, pins and tumblers and replacing them with new ones for a new lock combination.  

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