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Reasons Why You Might Need To Call A Locksmith

Sometimes things don’t go like you planned and that can make the best day become the worst day very quickly. A locksmith is in the profession of breaking those bad days down, especially if it involves something that needs to be opened but will not open. However, doors that are locked with the keys on the wrong side aren’t the only reason you can call a locksmith, contrary to popular belief. 

So, What Else Does A Locksmith Do?

A locksmith is fully capable of doing many things, such as changing your locks, fixing door frames after burglaries, helping you when you’re locked out, even making duplicate keys.  Locksmiths aren’t a one-job-show! They keep you protected from future issues as well! At Seven Systems, we can come to you during emergencies or we can duplicate a key for you at our headquarters! 

Why Do I Need To Change My Locks?

Changing the locks can be very vital to your safety when you move into a new home or apartment. You never know who has a copy of the key to your home and if their intentions are good or not. You can give yourself peace of mind when you change the locks in your new home. Additionally, if you have recently experienced a burglary, you can feel extremely unsafe within your own home. Changing the locks can create a new sense of security that was recently stolen from you, or possibly prevent a future break in if the offender somehow managed to access a key. 

Help! I Locked Myself Out! 

No worries! This is one of the more well known reasons people call a locksmith, they have managed to lock themselves out. Whether it’s your apartment, your car, or even your lockbox by mistake, a locksmith has all the special tools to be able to get you back in business. This can create an awful ambiance to your day. Calling a Seven Systems can give you a sense of relief knowing a friendly smile is coming to help you out. Our locksmiths are equipped with a  plethora of tools to get you back in business! 

Need More Keys? They’ve Got You Covered! 

Were you a latch-key-kid growing up? Hop off the bus and let yourself in? Are you thinking this might be a good solution for your kid because of the hours you work? What about your parents, a significant other, or the babysitter? Sharing a key with a bunch of people can be really stressful and leave people stranded. Our locksmiths at Seven Systems can get your key duplicated in no time! 

Why Do I Need A Locksmith, Again?

You might need a locksmith because you left your keys in the house or your child accidentally hit the lock on the car before you grabbed the keys out. You might need new keys or to change your locks. We understand that you might have to call a locksmith on your worst day, but Seven Systems is here to help. Whether you live in Downtown Seattle, Magnolia, Northgate or Capitol Hill, WA, we are here to help.

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