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What Is The Difference Between Security Cameras and CCTV?

In today's technological world many people are seeing the need to have some type of security system installed in their home and businesses. With the increase in crime and people having to be away from home ofen, it makes people feel more comfortable to be able to monitor what is going on when they are not around.

Many people feed the need for cameras to monitor their babysitter or nanny, some want to monitor their pets at home, and they also just feel safer knowing they can check on their home or business while they are not around to make sure no one is there who isn’t supposed to be. So let us discuss the differences between security cameras and CCTV.


CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and is pretty much a stand still surveillance camera or cameras used for security reasons. CCTV is an auto-monitoring system that uses axial wiring to send video recordings from linked cameras to a DVR.

Pros of a CCTV

  • They are typically less expensive than security cameras.
  • They are easier to install, making it more appealing to some people. 
  • They can monitor locations that are difficult to access, such as roofs.
  • They deter crime.

Cons of a CCTV

  • They are not wirelessly accessible and can be disarmed easily.
  • CCTV systems have a lesser video quality and image quality than security cameras.
  • In a system, only a limited number of CCTVs can be used.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras are very advanced and controlled and they use an IP address. They pan, tilt and focus so that you can move them around to see what is going on in that area and at any given time. They are webcams that are intended to monitor or observe a certain area. They are used frequently in public areas to monitor a wider population.

Pros of Security Cameras

Security Cameras provide a greater video quality and pixel density.You can sign in anywhere to check your security cameras as long as you have the internet.They are more efficient and can be controlled wirelessly from any distance.You can install as many security cameras as you want on your system. They deter crime.They can monitor a larger area.

Cons of Security Cameras

They are more expensive. They are harder to install with more materials and hardware.Regardless of your security needs, you have many different options of security surveillance to choose from. There are many different formats and styles. You as the individual need to determine which system is best for your needs. Keep in mind that your goal is to provide a video security solution that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because you need to try to prevent criminals from any illegal activity at your home or business. Sevan Locks and Doors would be a great resource to use to help you with your security needs.     

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