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What Are 3 Benefits of CCTV Integration?

Do you need security system installations for your Magnolia, WA business? Don’t hesitate to take the measures to have this done. Sevan Locks and Doors is a reputable company in Seattle, WA, that can supply you with CCTV integration services. You will be so happy you took the plunge and had this done for your business. 

What Is CCTV Integration?

If you have a security camera at your business and an access control panel, it can be a hassle to manage them separately. With CCTV integration, you can merge these into one localized place. This means that you can monitor and control everything that is going on at your business from a smart device. Such as:

  • A Smart Phone
  • A Tablet
  • A Desktop Computer
  • A Laptop

As a business owner, you have a lot to do. Depending on the job that you are doing, this could involve traveling. With a CCTV integration system, you can monitor everything you need to from wherever you are. These systems are not for everyone, but they can greatly improve security for the business they are a good suit for. 

Benefits Of Having CCTV Integration Services

By integrating your systems, you are making them one. Making your job a little more simple, and giving you ease of monitoring. Many of the businesses that we have helped with integrating their systems see major benefits right away. 

  1. Simplicity Of Monitoring 

You will no longer need to keep watch of two different systems with two different login settings. Security cameras and access control systems can be integrated. CCTV integration services make it possible for it all to become one location. 

These systems can be set up to notify you when people are accessing certain areas of the building. That makes it so much easier for you to respond and tend to a problem promptly. Even when you are not on the premises of the business. 

  1. Real Time Monitoring

There is nothing like trying to backtrack to find out what happened at the workplace. When you have an employee or customer complaining of a situation, you need to be able to trace back to the incident. It also brings accountability to the person who is causing the problem to occur when you have proof.

The system will give you real time footage of everything that is going on. There isn’t alag in the connection, giving you the most up-to-date information. This is also a great asset to your business to deter employees from doing stuff they aren't supposed to.  

  1. Documentation of Activity

In a situation where you need documentation of an occurrence, it will all be there with CCTV integration. Everything from video footage to the time and date a passcode was used. There is enough he said she said situations that go on, this can help omit that in your business. 

You will be able to pull up any information you need to in order to show proof of the truth behind a situation. Documentation is key when it comes to certain situations.  It also allows you to see where there are flaws in the business and see what changes you need to make. 

Sevan Locks and Doors Would Love To Help You

If you are ready to have a CCTV integration system installed at your business, contact Sevan Locks and Doors. We are located in Seattle, WA, and love being able to supply our services to surrounding cities. Our technicians can advise you on the options you have and what will work best for your situation. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact us today.

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