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5 Reasons Why You Should Change Out Your Locks

 Do you have locks on your doors that have never been changed? You should consider looking into switching them out and installing new ones. Sevan Locks and Doors is a highly reputable company in the Downtown Seattle, WA, area that can help you. In this article, we are going to discuss five of the reasons you should change your locks. 

Moved Into A New Home

Have you just moved into a new-to-you home? One of the first things that you should do is change the locks. You never know when copies of keys have been made and who all has them. Even though the owner has given you the keys, there could be many copies out there that you do not know about. 

Take a little bit of time and go through your home to change any of the exterior locks on your home. Not only is it a responsible thing to do, but it will also make you feel more safe and secure in your home. 

Questionable Durability

Just because a door has a lock on it doesn’t mean it is safe and secure. Some locks are more durable than others and sometimes they wear out over time. If you are questioning the durability of your door lock and the possibility that it can be easily broken into, change it. 

Changing the lock is a small price to pay for your stress level to be alleviated. You can choose a standard option to put on it, or you can choose some of the newer options that there are. Smart locks are becoming more and more popular that use a fingerprint, passcode, or Bluetooth. 

You’ve Lost Your Key

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer. When you lose your key you need to get another one. When it comes to your home's locks, you do not want to have a new key made to replace the one you have lost. You never whose hands that key can end up in when you have lost it. 

The safest thing to do is to change the lock completely. This way you know that no one can reproduce that key or try to use it on our door. Not only is this the safest option to do in this situation, but it will give you a great deal of peace of mind. 

A Change In Lifestyle

Throughout the years of your life, things will change and shift in different directions. This may not seem like a reason that you need to change the locks on your doors, but it can be a good idea. If you have just gone through a divorce, an argument with family, or some other life altering situation, it can be stressful. 

If any of these people have a current key to your home, you should change out the locks. This will avoid any unwanted appearances and entering of your home. You can pick out a new lock for your door and easily replace the current one. 

Upgrading Your Style

Are you upgrading different areas of your home? Have you replaced to the front door of your home to give it a more elegant or have a new vibe? Don’t forget about the hardware when you do this. 

You can choose fancy hardware to match the new look of your front door or backdoor. Many people forget this and realize it after the process is all over. You have so many options to choose from, even smart lock options. 

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