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Why Do I Need A Security System?

Business security systems, are they worth it? You may have heard that the installation, arming them, disarming them, monthly fees, and dealing with the false alarms can be a bit of a hassle, but the truth is, a security system can keep you, your employees, and your business safe. Here at Sevan Locks and Doors, we offer easy-to-use, affordable, and durable security systems for your business. 

Reasons Your Business Needs A Security System

Some business owners do not understand the need to put up a security system in their business; this is a wrong perception we are trying to change. Bad things happen, and we can not predict when they will. As a business owner investing in a security system can help you feel less worried and protect your business. Here are a few reasons we think a security system is needed.

 Protect You From Robbery or Theft

The first reason we think you need a security system is to keep burglars away. Suppose an intruder can see that your business has security cameras and alarms. In that case, they know there is a chance they will be captured on camera, which can discourage them from breaking into your business, stealing your goods, and vandalizing your property. 

Increase Productivity

Installed cameras also make employees aware their boss is watching them. This can prevent them from slacking off or even sleeping while they are on the clock. They know that video recordings can be monitored and played back so the boss can see what happens when they are not there.

Prevent Employee Theft

Typically, employers try to trust their employees, but this can be hard to do if you have ever had one bad apple. Employee theft is a challenge most business owners face and can crush your business and cause you significant losses. This is another reason it is a good idea to get a security camera installed in your business. The cameras can catch the ones who are genuinely stealing from you.

Attract Customers

Making your customers feel at ease while in your business is always a good thing, and a security system can help. Customers who know that you are closely monitoring the activity around your business will feel safe and more likely to revisit you.


Security cameras will give your customers, employees, and even your investors the impression that you are responsible as a business owner. They can also help build your image. The security system can show others you are responsible for your business, serious about your business, and want to keep harm away from your customers.

Protect Your Business

Security systems can also keep people out of your business. If you have an office, you probably keep lots of necessary paperwork and other valuables in there. Keeping it locked up is a must, and keeping others out of that space is equally as important. A security system can help you with this.

Reduce Property Insurance

Insurance companies love when a business has a security system in place. They may also reduce the number of your insurance premiums since you have a decreased risk of loss in personal property. 

We Can Help

Sevan Locks and Doors can help with all your security system needs. We have been helping businesses in Seattle and surrounding areas for years. We off access control, CCTV, and Integration services. Give us a call today or use the contact us form on our website to get more information. We want to help you keep your business safe with the security system you deserve. 

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