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When Should I Upgrade My Security System in Seattle?

Businesses update technology like cell phones and office tech regularly. However, the access control and security system may be in use far longer than expected. The older the security system, the more risk the business and employees carry for criminal activity. Here are some indications you need to upgrade your security system.

Security and Access Control System Age

Analog. Remember that term? Is this how your current access control or security system works? In a day and age when people access everything wirelessly, why is your access and security system bound to a cable? Sophisticated digital access and security systems are more affordable and easier to use. Including perimeter surveillance cameras and wireless IP CCTV.  High Def video feeds and recorders make identification much more likely in the event something criminal does happen. Thereby speeding up the recovery effort. These systems are not just for the big guys anymore. Today’s security and access systems offer scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Are your employees unlocking the business doors with metal keys? Not ideal. Current access methods provide tighter control and accurate tracking. Access can be as simple as assigned lanyard tags or as sophisticated as fingerprint biometrics with touch panels. Panels with video, cameras, and microphones are very common and affordable for most systems.  A customized security and access control system will increase your employees safety and enhance your ability to monitor the property. And most of the time, you can build on the infrastructure you have in place.

Business Conditions Change

Significant headcount changes. The number of visitors is increasing. Maybe your business uses a large percentage of short term contract employees. High turnover rates. The more transient people you have moving through the business doors, the higher the risk of criminal activity. 

Security and Access Control Compliance

The nature of your business, ISO Certification, and Insurance Policies will influence what level of security and access your business needs. An example, if your security system stores data on site exclusively, like most Analog systems, it is not compliant with applicable disaster recovery programs. Again, the good news is when owners upgrade to digital systems, they don’t have to start from scratch. 

Reliable Service

We handle access control and security projects of all sizes in house. From sales and installation to service and support. We know that having a reliable and trustworthy security and access control technician in Seattle WA is crucial to the security of your business. 

Sevan Locks and Door’s experienced technicians in Seattle, WA answer our phones 24/7. Not an answering service or call center like our competitors. Our service and support is available to you when you need us. All of our door and lock access control services in Seattle come with an extensive warranty in case the need should arise for us to come and fix any issue.

Sevan Locks and Doors is licensed, bonded, and insured to serve the needs of business security customers in WA. Family owned and operated, our team members are highly trained experts with knowledge far above the required licensing.  Our office is in Downtown Seattle, WA and we proudly serve businesses in surrounding areas like Capitol Hill, WA, Northgate, WA and Magnolia, WA.

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