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What to do When Your Garage Door Won’t Close?

There could be many different reasons why your garage door won’t close. We’re going to go over a few of the simple reasons below. If these don’t work, or don’t apply to you, call a professional garage door company such as Sevan Locks & Doors out of Seattle, WA.

What is Keeping Your Garage Door From Closing?

An automatic garage door system has a few moving parts that could prevent it from closing or staying closed.

Here are ways you can troubleshoot the problem:

  • Do a visual scan of the area. Make sure nothing is being detected by the safety sensors.
  • Check the sensors themselves. If they are dirty or dusty they may be detecting the dirt and not closing because of it.
  • Try the wall station. If this works and if you are trying to use a remote, the remote may not be working, or it could be an issue with the circuitry on the safety sensors.
  • Use the manual release cord. The door could be stuck in a position that is difficult for the mechanism to move out of. Use the manual release to close the door and try using the automatic feature to see if it can open back up.
  • Check the LED code. Some garage door openers have an LED indicator lights that you can match up with an LED diagnostic code chart.

In any situation, it can be stressful when your garage door won’t close because the garage often leads into the house or is also used as a storage area. Getting the door to close and lock for the night is the most important thing if none of these fixes worked. If you are still having problems read on or call us at Sevan Locks and Doors.

How to Fix a Garage Door That Won’t Close

If you have an automatic closing garage door there are a few initial steps you can take if you find your garage door won’t close. (If you have a manual garage door we’ll get to that later). As we’ve already discussed in the list above, check the area directly under the door and also make sure nothing small is stuck in the track. 

Make sure that the sensors are clean by wiping them with a clean cloth. If your wall station still works try replacing the batteries on your remote. If this doesn’t work, your remote may need to be reprogrammed. This can be done by looking through the owner’s manual or calling a garage door professional in your area.

The manual should have a troubleshooting guide and if your garage door system has LED indicator lights it will make diagnosing the problem much easier. As the last step, check out the manual garage door section next as it covers some of the less technical problems that could still occur in your system. Of course, you can always contact us at Sevan Locks & Doors if you can’t find the time to do this yourself. We are located in Seattle, WA and now King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties as well.

Troubleshooting a Manual Garage Door That Won’t Close

A manual garage door is usually easier to diagnose than an automatic garage door so don’t panic. Most of the problems with manual garage doors have to do with the track system. These are also problems that can occur in an automatic garage door. The track system is what guides the door as it opens and closes. 

This could become misaligned over time and cause the door to get stuck at a certain point. There could also be build up on the chain preventing it from closing completely. An alignment issue will likely require a professional, but you may be able to clean and re-grease the chain on your own. 

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