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Is Keyless Entry Really The Best Way To Keep Your Home Safe in Seattle?

Keyless entry provides homeowners and vehicle owners safety and convenience. Yet, a lot of our customers ask us the same question. Is keyless entry really the best way to keep your home safe in Seattle? Here are some of the reasons why keyless entry is a good option for your home and vehicle. 

What is Keyless Entry?

With keyless entry, you have a key or a fob that will emit a signal. This signal is picked up by your home or your car and tells it that it’s time to open. Each fob and key sends of unique signals, so it doesn’t trip up other signals. 

If you were to lose your fob, the frequency on the lock would be changed so the old fob can’t be used. This is the reason why it costs so much to replace a lost or stolen fob. 

Is It Safe?

Keyless entry makes it harder for criminals to break into your car or home. It makes it nearly impossible to use traditional methods to pick a lock. But just as home security technology is advancing, so is criminal technology. 

Criminals can use tools obtained via the black market to trick the sensors on the locks. These tools pick up the signal being sent from a key to send the same signal to the lock. Criminals can do this quickly and silently making it hard to detect. 

What Precautions Can You Take?

It should be noted, that while these instruments exist for criminals to use, they are incredibly expensive and hard to find. The vast majority of petty criminals trying to break into your home or vehicle, won’t have access to these tools. With that being said, there are a few precautions you can take. These precautions include:

Signal Blocking Pouches

These pouches prevent signal stealing tools from taking the signal from your keys. You simply place your key or fob into one of these pouches. The unique material of the pouch will stop relay amplifiers from picking up signals

Switch the Key Off

Most keys or fobs have off switches. When you flip the off switch, the key no longer sends signals. That means these tools have no signals to steal. Of course, in order to get back into your home or car, you will need to turn the signal back on. 

Keep Key Far Away From Windows

The deeper into your home you place the key, the harder it will be to steal the signal. This isn’t a foolproof method, but it certainly helps. Criminals using signal stealing tools rely on your key being within stealing distance

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