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Can A Locksmith Open A Deadbolt?

You just came home from a tough day at work just to find out you’ve been locked out of your home. Maybe you left your keys inside or your roommate locked the deadbolt and now they’re not answering their phone. We’ve all been there. Before you start calling the first Seattle locksmith you can find, you may think “I can open this myself!”, here’s why "Can a locksmith open a deadbolt?' might be a better question and lead to a better end result.

Can I Open a Deadbolt?

Your natural instinct might be to try and pry open the door yourself. While this might seem like the best and only option at the time, we highly recommend against this. Without the proper tools and training, you’re simply going to damage your door. 

Even if you’re able to find your way in, you may cause damage to the lock that renders it useless. This can lead to repairs that could be costly and time-consuming. Unless you’re a trained professional, it’s time to weigh your options.

What To Do If Locked Out

A common response people have when locked out is to contact local authorities. Perhaps they believe a police officer is going to threaten the door with legal action unless it opens? Or perhaps a fireman is going to spray it open with their hose. 

Authorities are going to give you the same answer we’re about to give you, contact a locksmith. There are plenty of local locksmiths who are open around the clock to help you when you’re locked out. You can always call on us fast service in Seattle and the areas nearby.

Can A Locksmith Open a Deadbolt

A common misconception with deadbolt locks is that they’re nearly impossible to open once locked. This simply isn’t true. With the right tools and the proper training, a locksmith can have your door opened in no time. 

Locksmiths have the tools needed to get into your home no matter the situation. Unfortunately, this also means that almost anyone can pick your lock if they know what they’re doing. There are steps you can take to make sure people don’t pick your lock. 

How To Protect Against Break-Ins

If you’re worried about someone picking your lock, there are steps you can take to prevent it. Firstly, keep your lock well lubricated. This will prevent someone from using pins to pick the lock. 

Another tip is to install your lock upside down. This makes it more difficult to pick the lock. While the lock can still be picked, it will take a much longer time, which could deter a criminal. 

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If you need a locksmith in the Seattle area, give our team at Sevan Locks & Doors a call. We can help you get back in your home. We’re here for any of your locksmith needs. 

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