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Tips For Choosing a Reputable Locksmith in Seattle

You’re locked out of your house or vehicle. This has never happened to you before. You have no idea who to call. Friends have no clue what to do when you call them. An internet search on your phone yields endless names and numbers of businesses you’ve never heard of. Now, what do you do? The team here at Sevan Locks and Doors has tips for choosing a reputable locksmith in Seattle.

Follow this locksmith checklist:

Ask the BBB

The Better Business Bureau retains a list of certified locksmiths. You can read past customers’ reviews. You can read past complaints. You can see if the complaints are still pending against the locksmith or if they were resolved.

Ask for Their Cost Estimate

The locksmith should be able to tell you how much it will cost to unlock a certain style of vehicle or type of door lock. If he cannot, he is probably not reputable or experienced. You should also find out if there are hidden costs including specialized labor, new parts, after hours work, or even mileage.

Locksmiths should be able to deal with any and all locks and know how difficult is to pick them. He should also be aware of the time and materials required.

Identification for Both Parties

You have the right to ask the locksmith for identification to make sure the tech is from a legitimate business. Their identification should prove they are from the company you called. The invoice should match the names given on the internet, the phone call, the vehicle, and the business cards he provides.

They should also be able to prove they are insured in case they cause damage to your property. They should verify that you are who you say you are as well. They should not be unlocking property for just anyone who claims to be the owner.

Confirm the Company's Physical Address

The scam artists sometimes have fake addresses so that you cannot locate them if there are issues later. Make sure the business has been located at the address for a long period of time. The more reputable locksmiths have been in business for years and are less likely to move around. Once all of this is verified, keep this company’s name and phone number in your phone for future use.

Avoid Criminal Elements

  • Some fake locksmiths use operators to take your call and then send out people to take advantage of your predicament. Again, be sure to verify the business through the BBB.
  • Others will pretend a lock is unfixable and will offer to drill it out and sell you a more expensive lock. Don’t allow this.
  • A price estimate over the phone should be relatively close to the final charge. Do not allow for exorbitant charges if you confirmed there would be no extras earlier.
  • Unmarked vehicles should not be trusted. Reputable businesses want to advertise their names everywhere they go.
  • No payment should be given to a locksmith who does not provide an itemized bill on company letterhead containing all of the appropriate and correct information.

Call Us Before You Need Us!

The time to prepare for an emergency is before you need help. Looking up all of this vital information now, when you have the time, is critical in finding a trusted and reputable locksmith in Seattle. Our business has been servicing our community for years. We would be glad to help you in your time of need.

Keep the team here at Sevan Locks and Doors name and phone number handy. You never know when you will have to make the call. We will be ready!

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