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How Smart Locks Can Keep Your Seattle Business Secure

If you own a business, you know it’s important to keep it secure. Smart locks are one of the latest security options in technology today. If you’re thinking about investing in smart locks for your Seattle business, here are a few things you need to know.

What Does A Smart Lock Do?

Smart locks go way beyond your normal deadbolt and locks. They have a built-in software system that lets you remotely control the locks. It’s like an extra security system for you door.

If you own a business, these locks are worth considering if you’re looking for extra security.

Smart Locks Offer Convenience

One great thing about smart locks is that you can set the access controls. You can remotely control who enters your business. All you really need is a smartphone so you sync your lock to it. Smart locks require Wi-fi access to enable them.

There are also smart locks that require fingerprint codes or pin codes. It really depends on what type of security you want for your business.

Additional Security

When it comes to your business, you need peace of mind. Many smart locks offer security features that send you alerts when you’re away. As long as your phone connects to the lock, you’ll get alerts when there’s a security issue. If you forget to lock the door, you can lock it remotely.  

They’re Long-Lasting

Smart locks are very durable. Some types are more durable than others. Before you buy a smart lock, make sure it’s compatible with the deadbolt on your door.

What Smart Locks Should I Choose For My Business?

There are different brands and styles to choose from. You first need to decide what you want from a smart lock for your business. Here are a few capabilities to consider when choosing a smart lock.

Sensitive Touch

We mentioned fingerprint capabilities earlier and how they provide more security than a pin code. Fingerprint access also prevents someone from hacking into your lock and copying the pin access code. You usually place these locks on your deadbolt.

Most locks like these ones require an app or a fob to unlock the deadbolt. You can also choose to give your co-workers or employees an access key to enter the office.

Bluetooth Capability

Many locks have bluetooth connectivity. If you keep your lock connected to bluetooth, you access your lock from anywhere you choose. Some of these even have built-in tamper alarms that alert you to security issues. Many business owners find this option very helpful and convenient.

Additional Device Integration

You can buy smart locks that allow you to sync your other business devices as well. These include your office thermostat, smoke alarms, or even your security alarm system.

Keyless Connection

Keyless connection locks often come with a keypad and it replaces your current cylinder locks. During installation, you choose an access code and it replaces your need for keys. This is helpful if you misplace your keys.

Security Issues With Smart Locks

Before you consider this type of security, think about how it will fit your business. How user- friendly is the lock? If there are too many codes to input, it’ll take too long to open the door. On the other hand, not enough security makes you susceptible to break-ins.

It’s important to remember that smart locks have built-in software that needs regular updates. These updates will keep your lock working correctly and your property safe.

Thinking About A Security Change?

If you’re thinking about updating your business security, the team at Sevan Locks and Doors can help. Our professional team will work with you to find the best lock options for your business. Contact us today.

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