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Why You Need Access Control In Your Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces have many benefits in today’s workplace. When several people have access to important files and documents, security control is important. Sevan Locks and Doors has some tips on maintaining access control in your co-working space.

What Is Access Control?

A co-working space may have a few or several people working in a building. There are many times when one business stays longer than the other. Each business needs access to the internet, thermostat, restrooms, and the building code itself. Since there is more than one person working in the building, it makes sense for everyone to have access.

On the other side, the access needs to be controlled for the safety of employees, owners, and clients. Keyless access is the best way for this to happen.

Keep Data Secure

Even though you are working in a shared space, it’s essential that you keep your space private and secure. You are working with many clients and their information. It’s important to follow certain procedures and keep your information private. Without access control, many business elements are left vulnerable including:

  • Paper Files
  • WiFi Information
  • Personal information
  • Computer programming files
  • And more...

A high-quality security system is vital to the security of your business. This security begins with keyless access control.

Keyless Entry Equals Better Security

Keyless entry means no more losing keys or key chains. Keys are very easy to lose. Anyone can find and copy lost keys. This is a high threat to your business privacy. It’s important to install office doors that need an access code for entry. Employers and employees memorize the security code and eliminate the use of keys.

Access Control Keeps Employees Safe

Access control also keeps your employees safe. It’s important that your employees feel secure when they come to work each day. It not only keeps your files secure, but it also keeps your employee’s information secure as well. Keep projects and digital data secure with computer passcodes that only your team can access.

Access Codes Are Easy To Change

The great thing about access codes is that they’re simple to change at any time. If you have a possible security threat, a simple code change might help. It’s less expensive to change your office code than to make a new set of building keys.

Another reason to change your access codes is employee termination. If an employee leaves your business, you set the codes to change. This way, you don’t have to worry about collecting keys when an employee leaves.

Protect Your Meeting Spaces

Whether you have multiple teams or just a few, you need to protect your business areas. This is something you can work out before you move into your space. Chances are that all of you will meet with clients at some point. You’ll even have scheduled meetings with your team.

If you have private meeting areas for your team, you can set up access that only allows your team members to enter. This offers extra privacy for your business and your clients. Even though you’re working in the same space with other businesses, you need to take measures to keep your own business information secure. Encourage the other businesses to take the same protection steps.

We Can Help Secure Your Co-Working Space

If you’re thinking about access control in your co-working space, let Sevan Locks and Doors help you with that. We’ve helped many businesses feel secure and protect their digital data. Contact us today and let us know how we can serve you.

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