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How to Make Seattle Commercial Doors and Windows Secure

Doors and windows are vulnerable parts of a commercial space. Most businesses have a glass door and this makes it easy for criminals to break in and enter. Although there is no single solution for this problem, there are many options that you can choose from, from pad locks to deadbolts to strong materials. You can also opt for high end commercial security systems and durable lock sets.

The key here is choosing the right protection that will not affect the aesthetics of your commercial space. Your doors and windows must still look inviting, especially for companies that showcase certain items in their windows. Below are some tips on how to make your commercial doors and windows more secure.

Use Reinforced Glass

Traditional glass panes are weak and brittle. Even a child can break this glass with a rock. An alternative to this is tempered glass. This glass does not easily break and it is also one of the least expensive types of reinforced glasses out there. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than ordinary glass. It also does not shatter but it breaks into small harmless pieces.

Another option is to use laminated glass. This type of glass is made of vinyl put in between two regular glasses. The vinyl inside is what makes the glass hard to break. A burglar must repeatedly strike at the same spot before the glass eventually gives. To get an idea how strong this glass is, think of the boards of basketball courts. Despite the ball being thrown repeatedly at the boards, they rarely break.

Install Grills or Iron Bars

Grills or iron bars are probably the most affordable security system for windows and even doors. It is not uncommon to see mini-gates installed in front of doors. These bars can come in many designs to compliment the design of your commercial store. Once installed, you can use different types of locks to secure it. A burglar will have to go through this mini gate first before he can even start forcing your door open.

You can also choose to make them permanently installed, which means you cannot open the window iron bars, or have them installed like a second window. When installing iron bars, make sure that the metal used is thick and hard to break. Burglars are known to use jacks and crowbars to bend the bars and get in.

Deadbolts and Window Locks

A deadbolt is a heavy duty locking mechanism that is best used for home and commercial spaces. They are made of heavy metal and come double-key designs. A double-key deadbolt prevents a person from opening the door even if he is inside the establishment and is best used if your door has glass panels. The burglar may be able to break the glass and reach inside but he cannot open this deadbolt unless he has a key. If your door is solid, you can use a single-key deadbolt. This is a variation in which you only need a key from the outside. There is a lever on the inside that you simply have to turn if you want to open the door from the inside.

Windows can be pre-fabricated to have locks installed. In this method, the manufacturer drills a hole either on top of the bottom of the window and attaches a locking mechanism to it, much like you would to a door, albeit it is in the window. A key is required to lock the window bolt, which securely fastens to the wall. A key is also required to unlock it.

A Security System

Few commercial facilities overlook the need to have a security system installed by a professional. Anything less is compromising the security of your employees, merchandise, equipment, and corporate assets.

Fortunately, there are options for every size facility and budget. From simple security systems to high-tech options, a Seattle locksmith can help you choose the right one for your business.

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