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Home Security Updates to Make Before Spring & Summer Vacations

After daylight savings time, people appreciate longer days than during the chill of winter. Thoughts turn to enjoying sunny days and the warmer weather in springtime. And people begin planning their spring and summer vacations. As you book seasonal getaways, add important home security updates to the list before leaving your Seattle home.

Let There Be Light

When the lights are off all the time, it lets people know nobody is at home. Going on vacation could mean days when your Seattle home is unlit. Put the lights on a timer so it appears somebody is home. Schedule the lights to go on during the usual time you are home. This deters burglars and makes it less obvious you are gone.

Motion Detection Matters

Another smart way to use lighting for security is installing motion detector lights. When people attempt to trespass on your property, the area is instantly flooded with light. Plus, these lights are off when nobody is around. If lights go on when a trespasser steps on your property, they are more likely to leave without trying to enter the premises while you are away.

Get Rid of Telltale Signs

There are certain telltale signs that indicate a house is empty. Make sure a car is parked in your driveway or garage. Have the post office hold your mail or ask a trusted neighbor to pick it up. Stop newspaper delivery until you are scheduled to return home. An empty driveway and overflowing mailbox instantly let people know the house is unoccupied.

Just Say Cheese

Make sure the entryways and other hot spots are covered by a video camera while you are away. Many security systems include video monitoring options. Intruders are less likely to attempt entry into a Seattle home or building that is under video surveillance. And if someone tries to get into the house, a video can help prove the time and identity of the trespasser.

Check the Doors and Locks

Over time, door locks can become worn. Try all the locks on your doors and windows before you go on vacation. If any of them are loose or unpredictable, contact a Seattle locksmith to fix them. Make sure there are deadbolts that work properly on all the doors. If you don't have deadbolts, get them installed before leaving. New locks and deadbolts are an affordable way to keep your home secure.

Update the Security System

If you don't have a security system, now is the time to consider investing one. If you currently have a security system, verify everything is in good working order. Contact your security company or local locksmith to discuss precautions when you are away. Learn about all the features your security system offers so you can make the most of them. Knowledge is power when it comes to creating a security environment in your home.

Let Everyone Know

While you don't want to tell people you are going away, everyone should know your home is protected by a security system. Many systems come with decals, signs, and stickers to alert passersby that the house is secure. Posting these stickers and signs also sends a red alert to potential thieves. Intruders are more likely to avoid houses that have security systems and seek out home without them to avoid getting caught in the act.

A spring or summer vacation is the perfect time to relax and get a welcomed change of pace. Make sure you have peace of mind and freedom when you leave by making a few simple security updates. Contact a Seattle locksmith to help you ensure your house is secure while you are gone.

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