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Top Commercial Safety and Security Resolutions for 2018

Security is clearly a serious matter, but it is incredibly easy to become complacent regarding commercial security. The New Year is the perfect time to review the security measures in place at your business. Look for areas in need of improvements from basic maintenance to complete overhauls to make your business safe and sound for 2018 and beyond.

Business Security Needs

Most businesses are closed overnight, so the facilities sit empty which can make them vulnerable. Security is important any time of day, but measures to protect the property, structures and inventory overnight are necessary to keep your business secure. Improved security measures also ensure your employees come into a safe environment at the start of the business day.

Peace of Mind

Simple updates and improvements can reduce the risk of theft and break ins. In instances when a criminal does break into a business the right security system can alert the authorities to quickly resolve and ideally apprehend the perpetrator.

Safe and Accessible

Businesses have unique security needs. Access needs to be restricted and possibly monitored in some areas, but not in others, at least during certain times. Vendors, delivery personal and customers need to access designated areas. The right overall security system for your business must take all of these factors into account.

Technology Improvements

Technology is always changing and improving. Security measures that were brand new and cutting edge a few years ago may be outmoded today. A recent increase in Internet connected components has added a new dimension to business security systems.

Inspect Existing Security Components

Routine maintenance and inspection will ensure existing locks and security systems are in proper working order. Take the time to check locks, doors and windows and repair, or make plans to repair, any damage. The measures in place may be effective, but only if they work as intended.

Light Areas

Adding lighting is one of the most cost effective and simple security improvements you can make. Brightly lit areas often deter criminals while also improving the effectiveness of security cameras. Areas near doors and parking lots should be well lit for employee and customer safety.

Keep an Eye on the Surroundings

Lighting improves visibility and should a particularly brazen criminal still decide to break in or loiter in the area employees or even people passing by will be able to see. Being able to see their surroundings enables people to keep a safe distance and even report suspicious activity.

Install an Alarm System

The presence of an alarm system at a commercial business is sometimes enough to discourage break ins. In the event there is a break in an alarm system will notify you and even law enforcement of the issue. Some alarm systems can be linked to cameras, allowing for remote monitoring through a smartphone or internet connected device.

Install an Access Control System

Access control can take on many forms, but ultimately this type of lock system is accessed via a PIN number or an access card. Access control systems do away with the need for multiple keys while allowing employees to enter and move through the facility. Most access control systems also make it possible to track employee movement. When using unique codes you can track who accessed specific areas and when.

Digitally Manage Your System

Traditional keys can be a hassle for a business. Keys can be copied, so you never know for sure how many keys are out there. When employees leave they may forget to turn in their keys. When using a traditional key system it is necessary to replace or rekey the locks from time to time. When using an access control system codes can easily and quickly be changed, keeping yours business secure.

Secure Important Items in a Safe

A safe provides an added layer of protection for important documents and items. Each business has different needs, so it takes some thought and research to find the right safe for your business. Size is an important determining factor when looking for a safe, but additional features like protection against fire and water are worth considering. Safes also feature a variety of locking mechanisms. From keys to PIN numbers to combination locks there are many options when evaluating safes.

Evaluate Your Security Systems

Safety of employees and property is important, so taking steps to install and maintain various protections and security measures is necessary. Just like everything else security systems age and experience wear and tear. At the same time technologies evolve, so features and systems may become outdated.

Let Us Help Implement Your Security Resolutions

A trusted Seattle locksmith can help ensure your business is secure and locks and access control systems are properly performing. We offer a variety of services to help you protect your staff and business. Start the New Year off right by evaluating and if necessary upgrading your businesses security features.

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