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Secure Your Seattle Home for the Holidays With Amazon Key

Amazon Key can ensure your packages are securely delivered to your home, but this service also takes home security to a new level. Package theft is a problem that many people experience. Amazon Key provides an effective solution while also making it easy to secure your home in other instances. Learn how to secure your Seattle home for the holidays using Amazon Key.

What is Amazon Key

Amazon Key is a service is available to Amazon Prime members in 37 select cities and the surrounding areas. Seattle is one of the cities that has Amazon Key service. Users need to purchase a kit that includes a Cloud Cam and a compatible Kwikset or Yale smart lock. When the equipment is installed and operational delivery personnel can gain access to the home to place eligible packages inside.

How the Service Works

When an eligible package is delivered to a home with Amazon Key the delivery driver will request access to the home. This request goes to Amazon. Via an encrypted authentication process, Amazon will verify that the driver is at the correct address. If everything checks out the Cloud Cam will begin to record and the door is unlocked.

Secure Delivery

Users receive real-time notifications via the Amazon Key app and have the option to watch the delivery live, or review a video later. When the delivery is complete the door lock is engaged and your home is secure. Packages are safe and even protected from the elements.

Secure for the Holidays

Online ordering is convenient and the number of orders peaks during the lead up to the holidays. December is a busy time for e-commerce companies, such as Amazon. More packages are delivered during this period than at any other time during the year. Packages left outside of your home are vulnerable to theft.

Prevent Package Theft

A recent study found that 30 percent of Americans surveyed have had a package stolen from outside their home. Some law enforcement agencies theorize that thieves follow delivery trucks and round up packages just as quickly as they are delivered. Amazon Key provides a safe alternative to leaving packages outside. The ability to watch the delivery live, or have a video of the delivery, enables you to confirm the delivery was made and your home is secured after the delivery is complete.

Smart Lock Solutions

Kwikset and Yale are both trusted brands that offer smart locks compatible with Amazon Key services. A smart lock is equipped with electromechanical capabilities that mean it can be controlled via compatible devices. When the lock is paired with a compatible smartphone or device it is possible to lock or unlock the lockset remotely.

Additional Security Benefits

Secure package delivery is a compelling reason all on its own to install Amazon Key, but there are more benefits to this service. Users can remotely lock and unlock their door, which comes in handy if a housekeeper, contractor or dog walker needs access to your home. You can even unlock your door if a family member forgets their key code or if out of town guests arrive while you are out.

Peace of Mind with Cloud Cam

The ability to view deliveries adds an extra layer of protection when you are not home. Cloud Cam also allows gives you the ability to view whatever is happening 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sneak a peek when you are at work or away on vacation or in your backyard to stay in the know.

Trusted Installation Services

When installing a new lockset in your Seattle home it is best to work with a local locksmith who can ensure the installation goes off without a hitch. A lockset is a major security component, so working with a highly trained professional means you can count on proper installation. The stakes are even higher when working with an electromechanical lockset, given that the lock needs to be paired with a device and possibly Amazon Key services.

Amazon Key Authorized Installers

Our team of trained professionals handles everything necessary to get you set up with Amazon Key. From the smart lock to the security camera we handle each component of the overall system to ensure everything is operational, so you can receive packages and keep your home secure.

Knowledgeable and professional installation can save you time and aggravation while also delivering confidence that your home is safe and secure. Our team will take care of installing the entire Amazon Key system and will take the time to show you how to use the system. From how to receive deliveries to using the Cloud Cam to monitoring your home and controlling the lock remotely we ensure you are completely up to speed.

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