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Electric Access Control System: Should I Fix or Replace?

An electronic access control system can be a necessity for some businesses and incredibly convenient for others. There are a lot of systems and technologies available, and your current system may not be doing everything for you that it can or should.

Understanding Access Control Systems

At the most basic application, an access control system is a way to control who can gain access to an area. Electronically controlled turnstiles or card readers used to unlock a door are methods of access control. Whether used for security purposes or to protect sensitive information many businesses need an access control system.

Shortcomings of An Old System

A faulty access system can pose a safety risk or possibly leave company secrets exposed to competitors. Sometimes it is easy to identify a faulty system. Other times it may not be so easy, but you do not want to wait until the shortcomings and faults of your system are exposed to take action.

Benefits of an Updated Access Control System

When you have a modern and up-to-date access control system in place, you may not even realize it is there. If the system is a good fit and does everything, you need it to do it can almost just blend in with all of your usual and daily activities.

The ideal access control system for your company should be unobtrusive and allow staff members to complete their tasks in a timely and efficient manner. The right system for your business will also have safety features built in, such as allowing for smooth evacuation if there is an emergency or security issue.

Warning Signs You Need a New Access Control System

There are certain indicators that it may be time to update or replace your system. It is important to stay current with technology and have a system in place that works for your company.

Your Current System Cannot Keep Up

When companies experience growth, it can be an exciting time. It can also be a frustrating time if the technology systems in place cannot keep pace with the growth. Adding new employees to the access control system should be quick and easy. If it is not that is a clear indication that you need a new system.

The system itself may be a perfectly good system, just not a good fit for your business at this stage of development. Consider upgrading to a system that can handle the fast pace and grow along with your company.

Your System Is Not Very Secure

If anyone other than current employees can gain access to your facilities, you need to take a good hard look at your system. It is possible past employees did not turn in keys or badges before they left. It is also possible keys were copied. Whatever the case if your access control system is compromised it is not effective, and it needs to be replaced.

Too Many Keys

If you have a large facility and some areas require limited access to specific employees it makes sense that your access system would have a lot of keys. If the number of keys is cumbersome, it may be worth considering an updated system. If you or other employees need to rifle through many keys on a ring to find the one they are looking for that is a sign your system is not a good fit.

The System is Outdated

Technology is always changing and improving. Your system may have been cutting edge when it was installed however many years ago. It could be outdated by now. If the system still works and there are no problems it may be hard to make the call to update it. In this instance, you need to look at everything you are missing.

Newer systems may utilize biometric fingerprint scanners. Some systems give employees the ability to clock in or out. There are systems that feature cameras and function like intercoms for quick and easy communication. Your outdated system may get the job done, but a new system can do the same job more efficiently.

Get Your Access Control System Up to Speed with Other Systems and Components

There are value and importance to updating computers, software, printers and other components used in your company. If you want your brand to be seen as an innovator to people both external and internal to the company you need to use the latest and greatest products. This needs to extend to your access control system.

This system delivers the first impression to staff and people who visit your facility. You need to decide if you want that impression to be that your company is outmoded and just doing the bare minimum or if that impression is that your company is cutting edge and efficient.

Find the Right Control Access System for Your Company

There are a lot of reasons why you may need to fix or replace your access control system. Once you realize you need to make a change, it is important to find a system that works the way you need it to for your company. Work with a professional Seattle locksmit to find the ultimate security solutions.

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