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Basics About Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

It finally happened. You jump in your car to go work and then the garage door won’t open after you push the button on your garage door opener’s remote control. Jamming the button repeatedly with your finger doesn’t help. Then you have to get out of your car, manually open the door, pause once you get in your driveway, get out of your car in the rain, close the door manually, lock the garage door and then finally proceed to work. When you return home, it’s time to think about what kind of garage door opener repair and replacement. At this point, you may want to replace your worn-out model. Maybe you want added security beyond the garage door opener that came with the house when you bought it. No matter what your reason for replacing your garage door opener, you have several factors to consider when shopping for a new one.

Types of Garage Door Openers

You have some basic choices when it comes to garage door openers. Your options depend on how the mechanisms work to open the door.

Chain Drive

A chain drive garage door opener is the most common type of opener you find in residential homes. As the name implies, the motor of the opener uses a chain, similar to the chain found on a bicycle, to open the door. These garage door openers are affordable and reliable, but they are loud.

Screw Drive

A screw drive operates by turning a steel rod to move the trolley up and down while opening and closing the garage door. There are fewer moving parts in a screw drive garage door opener, which means there are fewer maintenance problems. This type of mechanism is not as loud as a belt drive, but it still makes noise.

Belt Drive

A belt drive garage door opener represents one of the quietest options for most homeowners. This belt is similar to how a belt in your car’s engine works. These are the quietest garage door openers on the market, but they are the most expensive.

Jackshaft Drive

Another choice is a jackshaft drive. Rather than overhead, the motor is off to the side as it turns a steel rod directly above the door. These types of garage door openers are extremely quiet and efficient at the same time.

What to Look For When Comparison Shopping

You have a few other aspects to consider when you shop for a garage door opener. These attributes can alter the price depending on what you have.

Size of the Door

The size of your garage door determines the size of the motor in your garage door opener. Obviously, if you have a larger door, you need a garage door opener with a more powerful motor.The size of the door includes its length and width, but also the weight. A garage door made of steel instead of wood weighs more, and therefore you must look into getting a larger-sized motor. Standard garage door openers are ½ horsepower, while industrial-strength ones are 1 horsepower. Find the one that’s right for your size door.

Battery Backup

The best garage door openers have a battery backup in case the power goes out inside your home. Direct current (DC) motors are more likely to have a battery backup rather than alternating current (AC) motors. Consider buying a garage door opener with a DC motor and a battery backup so you get several uses during a power outage.

Safety Features

You want a garage door opener with as many safety features as possible. This includes automatic rewind when objects get in the way, an automatic shut-off switch, a remote entry and a coded security panel on the outside of the garage. The remote entry and number codes increase security for your house. As you can see, there are several things that go into a garage door opener. Because of the complexity of this home improvement project, you should probably leave this in the hands of a professional installer such as a locksmith.

Why Installation Matters

A professional locksmith or a garage door installer is an expert in this type of equipment. An installer makes sure the motor works, the timing of the garage door is set properly and all of the security features engage correctly. You actually save time and money by hiring a locksmith because you don’t have to spend hours and hours poring over instructions, buying the right tools and making sure you put the machine together properly. Instead of wasting an entire Saturday putting together a garage door opener, a locksmith can have the job done in an hour or two.

Hiring a locksmith ensures the garage door opener works according to its specifications. The locksmith tests the door and its safety features to make sure everything works correctly before leaving the job site. A locksmith’s work also has warranties attached to it, and some garage door opener manufacturers only warranty the item from defects if a professional installer places the appliance inside your home.

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