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The Importance of Functional Panic Bars

Panic bars can be added to any door to serve as an important safeguard in the case of fire or other emergencies. They are devices that consist of a spring-loaded metal bar that will unlock and open a door when pressed. These devices are strategically placed on doors around arenas, hotels, hospitals, and all other buildings where large crowds may be. The importance of functional panic bars cannot be overstressed -they can save lives in worst case scenarios.

Panic bars, also known as crash bars or push bars, first began to appear in buildings in 1908 as a response to hundreds of deaths due to locked doors during fires. After several of these tragedies, the United States and other countries began to put laws in place that require these emergency devices in large buildings. After the implementation of these devices, the death rate due to such emergencies decreased dramatically. Not convinced yet?

In addition to providing a safe exit in the case of fires, functional panic bars have many other benefits including:

Reduced Insurance Rates: The proper installation and maintenance of panic bars in buildings can significantly decrease insurance rates. Anything that increases the safety of buildings will usually have an effect on the insurance premiums of the buildings.

In Case of Other Emergencies: Panic bars can be just as important and effective in situations other than fires. Gas leaks, natural disasters, and other dangerous events are situations in which properly placed and maintained panic bars can save lives.

Security: Alarm activated crash bars can provide a level of security that normal doors cannot. In the case of a robbery, it could allow people to exit while also sounding the security alarm. It can sound the alarm for attempted entry from outside, helping to prevent burglary.

Legal Compliance: It is a legal requirement to have functional panic bars in place in any building that holds a certain number of people. Proper maintenance of these doors is also required to be compliant.

These are a few added advantages, but the most important benefit is the safety of the people in your building. Sevan Locks and Doors offers several types of panic bars to fit your needs including:

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