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Garage Door Repair in Kirkland

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Repairing a garage door can be inconvenient, time-consuming, and cost you money you'd rather not spend. However, many safety issues can develop if ignored and you don't repair your garage door when necessary. Call us at Sevan Systems today for fast, friendly, and high-quality garage door repair services. 

We Offer Garage Door Repair Services

Your home’s garage door is like any other part or appliance in your home and requires attention and care as time goes on. Parts will inevitably wear down over time and break, and timely repairs can save you from massive headaches and expensive repairs due to overlooking issues or putting off contacting professionals. To remain properly functioning, a garage door requires:

  • A properly functioning opener 
  • Regularly lubricated tracks and bolts
  • Regularly cleaning dirt and dust from the tracks
  • Ensuring that the tracks remain properly aligned
  • And regularly attending to every aspect of your door system

With regular maintenance and repairs, any issues with your garage door will remain minimal and help you avoid them growing into something bigger and more costly. For garage door repair services that you can depend on, call the experts at Sevan Systems now. 

We Serve The People Who Live In Kirkland WA

Visitors can enjoy a wide range of attractions in Kirkland, including excellent outdoor concerts, a popular wine festival, wonderful lodging, fine art galleries, whale-watching excursions, and many good cafes and restaurants on the waterfront with views of the Seattle cityscape across the Puget Sound. Its proximity to Seattle and its fantastic restaurants, stunning parks, and various outdoor activities make this city the ideal weekend vacation destination.

Make a service call to us now and schedule a repair or learn more about our garage door services if your Kirkland, Washington, garage door is malfunctioning. Whatever your garage door needs, we are ready to help. We also serve many surrounding areas, including Ballard, Freemont, and Northgate.

Commonly Asked Questions About Garage Door Repair

Aside from providing excellent security and service options, we would also like to answer any questions concerning garage door repair. Below we have answered a few of the more commonly asked questions about garage door repair. If you have any further questions, please contact us for more information. 

Why Is My Garage Door So Loud?

It is never a good sign when your garage door makes loud squealing or grinding noises. Your garage door's components are probably old and worn out, or your garage door opener is having to work too hard. The likelihood that the issue will worsen increases the longer you wait. Call us to set up a repair or maintenance appointment so that we may inspect your garage door system and identify and correct the issue for you sooner rather than later.

What Should I Do If My Garage Door Will Not Open?

Try to reset your opener system if your garage door won't open. You can also try to lift your garage door if this does not work manually and the lights are on. This indicates that the components of your garage door are in good functioning if you can manage it. Thus, the most likely culprit is your garage door opener. Make an appointment today for Sevan Systems to visit your home and examine your garage door. 

Can I Just Replace Panels And Not My Entire Garage Door?

Replacing a panel is a possible option depending on the style and state of your garage door. A sectional garage door consisting of panels can typically have each panel changed separately. Instead of replacing the entire door, this provides homeowners with a less expensive option. If your door is a single sheet of material rather than a series of panels, you must replace the entire door. 

Contact Us Today For Help With Garage Door Repairs

A damaged or malfunctioning garage door never looks good on a home, but it is also a significant security risk. For high-quality repairs and prompt, courteous service, contact Sevan Systems now! With proven quality and timely service, we will help ensure that your home’s aesthetics and its security are fully restored quickly and affordably. Contact us today.

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For any and all locksmith and security problems, give us a call today. We at Sevan look forward to helping you quickly resolve your issues through courteous and knowledgeable service using high-quality, durable products. Why? Because your security, convenience and satisfaction are our highest priority.

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