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Integrated Security Solutions In Seattle

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The experts at Sevan Systems offer integrated security solutions to everyone in the counties of King and Pierce and the surrounding areas of Seattle. Our team is licensed, bonded and trained in all of the current techniques and equipment to ensure you receive the best service possible. We are local and fully dedicated to your security needs.

We Offer Integrated Security Solutions 

Integrated Security Solutions In Seattle

It’s important to have the ability to remotely manage all of your systems at once while keeping them connected and up-to-date. Linking your systems together results in a much more effective and efficient set-up. A few examples of how our skilled technicians can help integrate your systems include:

  • Combining your entrance fob system with your security cameras
  • Combining wireless standalone door locks with a hard wired access control system
  • Combining access control and identification systems with CCTV

Please contact us and let us know how we can help you secure your home or business.

Our Team Offers Integrated Security Solutions In Seattle

Our top priority is the satisfaction of our clients in Seattle and the surrounding areas of King and Pierce counties. Our home city Seattle is the largest city in Washington with more than 770,000 residents. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Integrated Security Solutions

Many people have questions about implementing integrated security solutions in their home or business. Our team of industry experts understand you have concerns about knowing what you need and don’t need as well as what kind of features your budget will allow. We have the answers to all your questions, so we’ll list some of the most common questions we get asked below.

What Does Integrated Security Solutions Mean?

Put simply, the term means the merging of multiple physical security systems to enhance your protection with added security measures. It is a multi-layered system that utilizes different components such as controls, identification and CCTV to blend them into one. 

How Will Using Integrated Security Solutions Help Me?

One example of how a state-of-the-art system can benefit you is being able to have the freedom and peace of mind to leave your home or business without worry of a break-in, fire, or other unfortunate event by allowing you the ability to check in on what’s going on when you’re away. Connecting your systems together and adding CCTV allows you to access a live feed via the internet, of your home or business from anywhere in the world.

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