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What You Need To Know About Garage Door Replacement

A quality garage door can last a home for decades. Therefore, making the best decision possible makes sense, even if it requires more time and effort. The garage door not only improves the appearance and security of the home, but it also serves as a primary entry and means of exit for many people. 

If the garage door on your home needs to be replaced, the friendly and experienced professionals at Sevan Systems can help. A new garage door is one of the few home upgrades that can boost a house's security and exterior appeal quickly and affordably. This post will examine some key components to consider when replacing your garage door. 


While garage doors are not cheap, they are an important investment in the safety and security of your home, as well as its overall appearance and value. You might expect to pay several thousand dollars for a premium quality garage door with all the necessary bells and whistles for comfort and function. However, the materials and size of the door will ultimately determine the true cost of the door and installation. 


Over the past few years, garage doors have advanced significantly. Modern technology has allowed materials that look excellent and last for many years with little care to be used in the construction of doors. Steel, wood, fiberglass composites, and aluminum are all used to make garage doors. The major components of a door's structure and durability influence how long it will last and how much care it will require. So, invest time researching your door and the best materials for your garage/home needs.


The same contractor installing your new door could also install a new garage door opener. Your old opener will eventually break down, so now is the best time to replace it if it's outdated. A new opener will operate more quietly and come with additional and updated features. You'll also spend less on labor if you replace it at the same time as the door, and you may even get a discount on the new door and opener as a bundle.

Return On Investment

Your home's beauty, value, and functionality can all be improved with a new garage door. It may accelerate the selling of your home, increase security, cut down on upkeep, and save on energy expenses. According to Remodeling magazine, replacing your garage door offers a return on investment of about 94% and may increase the value of your property. 

Professional Installation 

While installing your garage door does sound tempting in terms of trying to save some money, it doesn’t provide homeowners with a big payoff in the end. You'll need at least a full day to assemble all the different parts because there are many. Additionally, winding the spring requires specialized equipment and a lot of arm strength and can be extremely risky. By hiring a professional for installation, you can ensure that your door is installed quickly, safely, and properly the first time. You will also have someone to contact if you experience issues with your new door. 

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