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What Is An Integrated Security System?

Are you thinking about adding to your already installed security system but don’t want to go through the hassle of adding more technology to the situation? Maybe you have an old pre-hardwired system in your house and you really don’t want to add more bulk to the load. Whatever your issue may be, fear no more! Sevan Systems of Magnolia, WA specializes in integrated security systems! 

What Is An Integrated Security System?

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, an integrated security system is a platform that consolidates multiple security systems into one simple interface. This allows the user to simply combine all their security perimeters for easier and more efficient management. Sevan Systems offers integration of their own products as well as performing integration on other systems with theirs. 

Pros Of Having An Integrated Security System

The most obvious pro to having an integrated system is that it makes it easier to manage and it makes for your security system to be more efficient. It enhances your safety and protection as well as protects against crime. When you can access all of your security systems through one simple interface you are sure to see a real turn around in how your security operates.

Cons Of Having An Integrated Security System

The most prominent con of having an integrated security system is that you can access all of your security perimeters from one device. So if you lose your device or leave it in the wrong hands, all someone needs to do is hack into your phone to take control. You want to make sure that your security company understands the importance of encryption on your integrated system as well, to prevent any online hackers. The same way an integrated system makes things easier for you, makes things easier for those who want to hack into your system.

Benefits The System Can Bring

There are many benefits to integrating your security system, first of course is for ease of use. Having all your security perimeters accessible from one location or one device makes for a more efficient experience and gives you the ability to catch a criminal quicker and the first time around. You won’t miss anything because you forgot to check one of your perimeters, it’s all easily located in one place for you to analyze. 

Another great benefit of an integrated security system is that if you already have pre-installed security systems that are no longer in use, Sevan Systems can integrate most hardware with their own. So there is no need to uninstall and reinstall, simply reuse and recycle the equipment already in place. 

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